Sunday, April 15, 2018

What-What?! Week of April 15th

Life has been too busy lately.  The worst part is that it just keeps raining...  Friggen' Washington weather. :[

The husband did make something new this week; Mango Chicken with Coconut Rice.  Due to all the dangity rain, the chicken was not grilled, but otherwise this was delicious.  Ozzy actually liked the coconut rice, which is pretty unusual for a kid that doesn't like rice.  This is the first time that the kids have had fresh mango, and both Saffron and Osric liked it -- Corwin wasn't as enthusiastic, though he ate it anyway.

Amazon Prime has the 80s Robin of Sherwood TV show, so we've started watching that.  The nostalgia is heavy -- I remember loving this show as a kid.  I named one of my stuffed animals Sherwood (I think it was a stuffed raccoon?).  One of the most hilarious things is Micheal Praed's hair:
It is long hair, for sure, but still a very 80s cut.  Everyone else's hair is relatively innocuous, but Robin's just makes me laugh.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

What-What?! Week of April 1st

Happy Easter everyone!

Also, happy April Fools everyone!  I ain't got no tricks, though.

This week was also the husband's birthday of course. <3  I did not make him a cake this year, but we had dessert while at Red Robin for his birthday dinner.

He got a bunch of good stuff...

Like Thor: Ragnarok, which the kids are just as excited to watch as he is.

And the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack.  Both seen here, and also smelled here.

This is a special curved woodcarving knife I got for him -- the reviews on this all talked about how sharp it was, and people had posted pictures of their messed up hands after they'd cut themselves(!!!).  So I also got him a finger guard, which doesn't fit on hand because his fingers are big...  I guess he'll just have to be careful.

And I got him some books too <3

Kids Easter baskets -- mostly candy this year, but they also got squirt guns, a teeny genie, and a My Little Pony.

Yesterday, I had the kids to myself for most of the day, so we hit up the store and bought some perler beads.  They had a really good time making stuff -- the above are Corwin's creations -- a demon with a bow, and a tank.

The two on the left here are Osric's -- a heart and a space ship.  Mine are on the right -- a circle design and a rabbit.

These are Saffron's --  a star and a circle.  You can see on these that the melty-ness varies somewhat per piece -- apparently my iron is a bit dodgy and I wasn't moving it in circles enough.  Oh well... we had a good time anyway.