Sunday, August 20, 2017

What-What?! Week of August 20th

So I spent all day yesterday sewing costumes for an SCA event next weekend.  I've made it through shirts for the husband and boys, and dresses for Saffron and me.  Still have three pairs of pants, some accessories, and then I actually have to hem everything... but I hate hemming, so that can wait 'til later. >.>

Other than that, the weather here has been pretty lovely.  I walked down to the county park with the kids earlier in the week, and we played with our Frisbee and giant bouncy ball.  The blackberries around here are ripe, and there are thickets fricken' everywhere, so we picked and ate some of those, too.

You can see the giant blackberry thicket on the right.  This also brings up the only thing I really do not like about this park -- you can see directly into one family's backyard.  We stay away from that corner generally, because they deserve some privacy.


The big kids spent some time watching the clouds.

Mom!  Take my picture with the ball!

Mom!  Take my picture with the Frisbee!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

What-What?! Week of August 13th

Yesterday, we spent the day moving around furniture, assembling furniture, and hacking at blackberry vines.  I found one blackberry vine had actually started to grow up underneath (!!!) the siding at the front of the house.

Today, I don't know what we're doing.  The husband and I need to work on costumes for an SCA event later this month.  So far, I have a shirt for him all ready to be sewn, but nothing for anyone else...  I don't even have fabric for the two boys.  But that's alright, 'cuz I still have over a week.

It also rained last night, which was actually nice because it's beaten a lot of the smoke and smog down.

It can go back to being sunny now.

...any minute.