Sunday, June 10, 2018

What-What?! Week of June 10th

How about some art?  We bought a lot from Everfree NW... some photos:

Sunday, May 27, 2018

What-What?! Week of May 27th

Last weekend, we spent three days at the My Little Pony (MLP) convention in Seattle, Everfree NW.

It was the first My Little Pony convention that the husband and I had ever been to, and the kids' first convention ever.  We were deeply impressed; the events were fun, the staff were amazing (the volunteers in the children's room and the craft room were SO so kind!), and it seemed to be very well organized and run overall.

We weren't aware of the con very far in advance, so we didn't really do any costumes, but I did make buttons with each of our character's cutie marks on them:
Clockwise from top left: Banana Royale (mine), Ellis (Osric's; his pony is a baker -- those are frosting drops), Dapper Dandy (the husband), Shimmerswitch (Corwin's), and Sweetie Rose (Saffron's; a carpenter).

I did not spend a ton of time at the main panels -- they had a variety of the voice actors, writers, and directors for the show, as well as several of the musicians.  The time I spent there was pretty entertaining -- various cast members had worked on other projects together previously, and the chemistry on the stage was totally there.

There were a ton of smaller events to choose from; sometimes this meant that we went to the beginning of an event, then cut out early to see a different one...  Some hard decisions were made.

We spent a lot of time in the kids' room, and the craft room (conveniently located across the hall from each other); the rooms had a lot of nice low-key anytime activities, as well as actual events and specific crafts.  The kids made rock friends, painted flower pots, played games, colored pictures, mixed up some ooze... just tons of stuff to do.  The craft room also included a cardboard fort, which the kids joyously rearranged, decorated, and occasionally obliterated.  The volunteers in these rooms really made the difference, though; it was obvious they were there because they enjoyed spending time with children, or spending time doing crafts.  In the kids' room, there was an older gentleman dressed as Starswirl the Bearded, who was so helpful and so kind; he really made us feel at home there.

Playing games

Mixing ooze

Making rock friends

Mixing ooze again -- the other kids this time.  Oz was going 'HULK SMASH' on his.

In the cardboard fort


They made these little clam friends too

Saffron with Rarity

Corwin with The Pony of Shadows (spoooky!)

Saffron spend a huge amount of time digging through this giant bucket of rice -- there are little glass counters and other "gems" in it.  We came home one day and she had rice bits in all her pockets, tucked in her badge, just everywhere!

We also hit up the electronic gaming room, and enjoyed some MarioKart and Smash Brothers.
Playing MarioKart with Daddy

I went to a software developer panel; that was actually really entertaining.  It was 8 or so devs discussing the MLP projects they'd been working on, the status, challenges/triumphs, etc.  One dude talked about his machine learning project, and the challenges he'd had getting a algorithm to run fast enough for what he was doing.  Another guy talked about the online, multiplayer, browser-based MLP karaoke game, and the challenges of getting that kind of tech to work properly in the browser, as well as figuring out how to tell when a singer's pitch matches the correct one.

There was also a Pony Music Video contest, and unfortunately we only made it in time to see the final three or four entries, but it was a good time too.  Here's the winning entry:

(Here's also a link to the third place winner; I couldn't find the second place one, unfortunately).

We also spent too much money in the vendor hall... but as big as this post is getting, I will post pictures of all our new art next week.

Overall, we had a really good time, and are looking forward to next year already.  We did not go to the Grand Galloping Gala (the con's special dance, based on the one in the show) this year, but are hoping we can make it for next year.