Sunday, January 13, 2013

What-What?! Week of January 13th

On Writing: Squidoo
This week has been busy!  I’ve still looking for internships in the area, and so far not coming up with much.  It seems that most of the big companies here in the Silicon Valley only employ interns during the summer, so since I’m looking for something before the summer, I have to look elsewhere.
Other things that I’ve been working on include starting on Squidoo; I posted most of my old articles from eHow (which are no longer available there), and I’ll probably add some new ones as I get time.  Other websites I’m looking at writing for includes Text Broker and Demand Media.
I went ahead and started a page on here with links to the articles I have up on Squidoo and FireHow.  As I expand my article list, and try other websites, I’ll add additional links.
Tasty Kitchen Blog: Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. Guest post by Erica Kastner of Cooking for Seven, recipe submitted by Terri of That's Some Good Cookin'.
We tried this recipe a while ago, to much success; everyone very much liked it, though my husband thought that it was too rich.  Because I knew it was going to be a heavy meal, I made it with a simple salad, no other sides.  I highly recommend adding the lemon to this recipe; it gives it a great little zing that really makes the sauce special.
I made this the other day as a special treat for my daughter.  It was so easy and delish!  I admit that I didn’t measure anything properly, but it still came out fine.  I subbed out the cocoa powder for more Nutella, and it was delightfully chocolately and moist.  Like some of the comments say on the recipe page, this is too much for one mug; I am glad that I mixed mine up in a bowl, because even my largest mug would have been too small.  The amount is just right for two people, and worked perfectly for us to share.
Movies: Willow and Common Sense Media
One of the art nouveau heroines I saw last week was Sorsha, from Willow.  This week, the kids and I watched it together; I thought that maybe the baby stealing would be a bit much for them, but overall they did fine.  I keep having to remind myself that my kids aren’t as scared of things as I was at that age.
One website that I’ve started checking pretty regularly is Common Sense Media.  They provide reviews and age recommendations on all kinds of media, though I’ve only read reviews from the movies and TV section.  I’ve been finding that what I think is okay for my kids is just a bit older than their suggestions, but it’s great to have this resource available anyway, so I get an idea of what kinds of things are presented in the movie or show.
The bestest “oh no, I’ve made a terrible mistake” I've seen was probably this one woman’s review I read on Netflix, for a film titled Sleeping Beauty, directed by Catherine Breillat (no longer available on Netflix, but is on Amazon Instant).  This film is unrated, which is the first clue, and just looking at the cover, it looks dark and scary.  The best clue, though, would probably be the nudity.  In her review, this lady actually said “I thought the first flash of nudity was a fluke”.  WHAT?  A fluke?!
Sadly, you can’t see the review anymore, but when it was up, it was pretty good reading.
This is pretty cool; the maker, Worldwide Aeros Corp, has created this 36,000 pound airship for the U.S. military.  It is a hybrid zeppelin/plane, with a rigid aluminum structure, that can lift straight up; ultimately they hope for it to carry about 66 tons.  When I asked my husband how much a tank weighs, he said about 60 tons.  So, obviously not so much for transporting tanks, but it could carry a lot of smaller vehicles and such.
(Images from Tasty Kitchen, Kirbie's Cravings, IMDB)

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