Sunday, February 3, 2013

What-What?! Week of February 3rd

This week has been busy again.  I still haven’t cooked anything interesting, mostly because we’re still cooking soft foods for the poor husband.  He’s been getting better, but slowly.  It doesn’t help that we are also hitting the end of the month, which means pickings are a little slim.  Happily, my mother-in-law gifted us some ground beef from a cow she had slaughtered, so that gave us some more options.  Also, this beef is seriously good; you don’t realize how un-beefy the stuff from the store tastes until you eat the real deal, so to speak.
As for school, that’s going well; my capstone team is complete, and our client will be Monterey Language Services.  We had our first meeting on Friday, which wasn't so good, but the owner is very excited and helpful, so I think it will still work out well.

After the semester is over, I might contact the Old Monterey Business Association and see if they’d be interested in an intern or something.  They need a new website, which I could possibly work on.

On Writing: Squidoo
This week, I posted up an article about the Mountain ViewFarmers’ Market.  Not much else happened, as I’ve been busy working on school papers.  I wrote one paper that was a history and overview of myself, which was kind of painful.  There was lots of editing, and eventually I started throwing out entire sections to get it down to the allotted three pages.

Local Life: MY Museum
MY Museum - Monterey County Youth Museum - Monterey, CA
This past week, we went to a children’s museum in Monterey, called MY Museum.  I really wish I’d known about this place before we got a membership to the San Jose Children’s Museum.  It’s much smaller than the San Jose museum, but at the same time, it didn’t have that packed kind of feeling.  I felt a lot more at ease; at the San Jose museum, I have to watch the kids like a hawk, but because this place in Monterey is so small, it’s a lot easier to see where a child is running off to without losing them.
At MY Museum, there are lots of different displays for the kids to play on; both the kids enjoyed the kitchen and cooking area, which had a real cash register, all kinds of play foods, menus, and fake money.  Saffron also enjoyed the “dollhouse”, which had a huge Melissa and Doug dollhouse on the inside, complete with wooden dolls and clothing.  She had a great time changing their clothes, and having tea parties with the other little girls.  The craft area at MY Museum is also a lot more manageable, so I took Saffron over there, where she had a good time crafting a picture of a dress.  While we were there, this kid showed me his craft, which was covered in white glue.  I was like O_____O “that’s very nice, now why don’t you take it over there, where there’s more space, hm?”.

News:  Small Businesses Say LinkedIn Works
I thought that this was a pretty interesting finding; I am not so surprised that Twitter doesn't work, but I honestly would have expected that FaceBook would be on top.  What I will say, though, is that I think this probably depends somewhat on the kind and size of business you run; a "small business" can mean that someone is working out of a garage alone, or it could mean someone who employs 50 people.  Like anything else in business (and life), your milage may vary.

Music: The 60s, Yo’
After going to MY Museum, we headed out for dinner, where we heard this awesome song.  It’s titled “Dandy” by Herman’s Hermits.  It's worth a listen:

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