Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What-What?! Week of March 24th

Not too much this week; spring break was a nice change of pace.  I’ve actually had the energy to do some cooking, though not much by way of new recipes.  I did still have to meet with my capstone team to practice our presentation so far, which went pretty well.  I think our recent meetings have really improved our communications and reduced friction within the group.  So that’s nice.

Shopping: Buy all the Ponies! D:<

The other night, I went looking on Amazon at My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stuff.  That was a huge mistake, though I didn’t actually buy anything.  I did find this Rainbow Dash soda, Fizzy Cherry Splash.  I have no idea where you buy it, but there it is on Amazon, for $9.00.  Another thing that I’ve looked at for a long time is the Twilight Sparkle boombox, which is awesome, but poor quality.  I think that it would be better to put MLP stickers on a nicer radio, so you could get some decent sound.

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it?  Bananas, chocolate chips, and cookies?!  I saw this recipe on Pinterest, and it’s taken me a couple of days to track down the original source, which happens to be the Burlap Bag.  I did this because it’s got two ingredients, bananas and oatmeal, and I had all of them.  Then I threw in some chocolate chips, and baked ‘em.  I thought these were good, but not very cookie-ish.  The kids were totally sold on them, though, and I think they’d make for a great, healthy snack.  If I was looking to make them more like a cookie, I’d add one-quarter to one-half a cup of flour, a bit of baking powder, and some vanilla.  Maybe some peanut butter or an egg.  This is what I will do next time, whenever I next have old bananas.  Also, I kept finding people writing banana’s, rather than bananas.  A banana’s what?! xP

This past Friday we did go to the Monterey farmers market; this market is open year round, Fridays from 10-2pm, at Monterey Peninsula College.  I had been interested in going, because this market is operated by the Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Markets association, whose markets I had never visited before.

Sadly, this market actually kind of disappointed me.  Finding the place was somewhat difficult; there were no signs at the street or entrance to the parking lot.  It is held at the Monterey Peninsula College, which apparently offers classes on Fridays, making it even more confusing as to where to go, because you can’t simply look for a grouping of cars and people.  There were no garbage cans whatsoever, the porta-potties were placed oddly in a planter, and I didn’t see anyone who looked like a market manager the entire time we were there.  Granted, I could have just missed him/her, but there was also no booth specifically for information about the market or to meet the manager.  One of the vendors also had dogs with them in their stall, which is a huge no-no.

The mix of vendors was also a little odd; there were numerous flower and plant vendors, but relatively few vendors with staple foods.  I did like the vendor that was selling walnuts and dried fruit (did not get the name), and it is always good to see Beckmann’s, but when I decided to buy cucumbers and green onions, the only vendor in the market selling those items was all out.  Keep in mind that this was right about noon, so only halfway through the market time.  There was a surprising amount of organic farmers in the market, which was nice to see.  I think the problem with this mix of vendors is the time of the market; at an evening or afternoon market, like the Tuesday market in old Monterey, the emphasis is on hot food and entertainment, while morning markets tend to have an emphasis on general grocery shopping.  This market was not good at either.  Overall, I’m not sure I’d go back again; it does have some great vendors, but nothing unusual enough to make the special trip.

Until next week!
(images via The Burlap Bag, Amazon and the MBCFM website)

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