Sunday, March 31, 2013

What-What?! Week of March 31st

This has been a pretty good week; probably the slowest week I’ve had in a while, including over Spring Break.  I’m pretty sure that my capstone class will be a cakewalk for the rest of the semester, now that we’re through the external analysis paper.  My team’s currently working on the internal analysis, which is made up of a lot of educated guesses, but it’s the best we’ve got.

My husband just had his birthday on Thursday, and I got him some geeky things.  One book I bought him is this one, Dangerous Work: Diary of an Arctic Adventure, by Arthur Conan Doyle.  This book is Conan Doyle’s diary from his six month trip in 1880, as ship’s surgeon on an arctic whaling ship.  I first read about this book from a New York Times article back in November, and was planning on buying it for Pete for Christmas, but unfortunately, the book sold out at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Now, though, it’s back in stock and only $25!  :P

The big news this week is that I’ve started a Facebook page for this blog!  I will try to keep it updated, but I really want to limit the amount of time I spend on FB.  Starting that page was pretty interesting, especially when I decided to like some peoples.  So, I liked Epbot, because who doesn’t, and then I got to Princess Celestia, who I didn’t like.  This is why:

Then, after you go to the actual Princess Celestia page, it is fanboys and rude humor.  So, I decided not.  I found that the Stig has more likes than Jeremy Clarkson’s fan club page, though Clarkson’s page is much more entertaining to visit.  Clarkson’s real page ("Power Hungry Clarkson", LOLz) is kind of ho-hum, though interesting to see his thoughts on Top Gear episodes.  James May has a fan-run page, and no others.  Richard Hammond has a page, and more than that, his personal official website is  It is brilliant.

This week I also made these delish scones.  I left out the onion, and I doubled the amount of ham, and it made for a great lunch along with some apples.  This time, I decided to use my KitchenAid mixer to cut the butter into the flour, and that worked brilliantly.  It was much, much easier than doing it by hand.  The husband liked it, as well as my daughter, though my middle son didn’t much care of it.  All in all, I am definitely making these again.

This woman has been in the news recently, for something that utterly surprised me; Elise Andrew is a science blogger who runs the Facebook page, “I F###ing Love Science”.  When she set up her Twitter page, she let her fans know about it, so they could follow her.  Then everyone found out she’s a woman, and all heck broke loose, with people saying “whoa, you’re a woman?!” and so on.  It just staggers me that our society has yet to recognize that a person’s interest in science has nothing to do with their gender or attractiveness.  As a society, we have spent years trying to get young women and girls interested in science, and now we act surprised when women promote it?

I absolutely recommend checking out her page, or the PG-13 version, “Science is Awesome”.
Oh, this week I also saw this, which is made by Crazy Dog T-Shirts:

Geek trollin', huh?

'Til next week. :)

(images via Amazon, Facebook, Zulilly)

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