Sunday, June 2, 2013

What-What?! Week of June 2nd

Whee!  I have survived my birthday.  This week has been pretty busy, but I still managed to get over $130 in items listed on eBay, and have already had $42 worth of items sell.  I’m pretty excited to be eBaying again; last year, over the course of two months, I made about $500 selling outgrown baby clothes and hard to find My Little Pony toys.
Saturday, the apartment managers here decided to have a community yard sale, which they promise in the lease to do twice a year.  However, this would be the first time in the three and a half years that we’ve lived here that a yard sale has actually happened; even then, it seems like it was a spur of the moment thing, as residents were given less than two days notice.  And they put on no signs.  And didn't even post on Craigstlist.  But enough complaining, because...

I can complain about these, too.  I believe I first saw this technique on Pinterest, and tracked it down to this blog (link above).  Rather than using the more conventional method of filling the cones with batter and baking that way, you instead fill a muffin pan, and place the cups on top.  This was much easier and less fiddly than filling the cups.  The downside is that the bottoms of the cones are empty, which makes them top-heavy.  To transport them, I put aluminum foil over the top of a 9 x 13 pan and cut holes for each cone to go in.  This part worked pretty well.  Unfortunately, while the cupcakes were cooling overnight, the cones softened and slumped; the bottoms were still in flat, but the tops were all tilted.  I would up having to ice them as they were served, and the softened cones were chewy and unappatizing.  I plan on trying these again, but I'm thinking I'll either have to bake and serve them the same day, which limits topping options (frosting has to go on cool cakes), or develop some other method.  I saw a post somewhere about baking the cupcakes separately, then cutting them up and putting the pieces into cones.

(Shown: Small disaster.  This was easily fixed, unlike the slumping.)

Either way, my kids were still over the moon for these – especially after I added the sprinkles!  I expect that I'll have at least one child asking for more for their birthday, so I better figure these out.

According to a press release from Disney, they have mapped out dates for films for the next two years.  I’m interested in a film due out in November, titled Frozen.  This film will be set in the arctic north, with a surprisingly Rapunzel-like heroine, who goes on an adventure to find her sister and stop the everlasting winter.  The concept art for this is positively beautiful.  Some of the art that I’ve seen, like that above, is nothing like what will appear in the film, but is beautiful to look at nonetheless.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Review Continued

After playing for another week, I had the opportunity to look a bit more at the new high-level quests, as well as the starting quests and area for the panda people.  As far as high-level quests, what Blizzard has done with this expansion is move away from the main quest lines; where Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King were almost entirely focused on moving the main storyline along, Mists of Pandaria touches on the main storyline, but stills gives you plenty to do that is much smaller in nature.  In many ways, it makes the game more manageable, because you’re not going to have some huge twist or boss fight every time you get on.  For a casual player like myself, this change really works for the kind of time and effort I’m interested in putting into the game.

This past week, the husband and I also started new panda characters, and leveled them up through 11th level.  That was a pretty fun experience; much easier and straight-forward than the starting area for the goblins and worgen (the two new races from Cataclysm).  Where it falls flat, though, is that at level 10, you are dumped into Stormwind, and have to figure out where you should place yourself; Pete and I went on to Westfall, because most of the quests there in Elwynn forest were too low a level.  There was very little done to transition characters out of Pandaria and into the mainland, which is really disappointing, and is probably quite confusing for those new to the game.
News:  JC Penney's Hitler Tea Kettle via Yahoo! News
This is hilarious.  Not only did JC Penney accidently make a tea kettle that looks like Hitler, the internet bought them all.  Check out the link for the photo and more information.

That's it for this week. :D

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