Saturday, January 11, 2014

What-What?! Week of January 12th

This week is mostly a collection of random bits and bobs that I've collected over the past month or so.  I did get a great list of steampunk children's books put together, which you can also see using the links above.

News:  Paramount Citrus replaces Cuties brand with Wonderful Halos via The Packer

Wonderful Halos mandarins and clementines
This past week, my coworkers and I were talking about food, and we wound up talking about clementines, and the new Wonderful Halos brand.  While locally all I've seen are these, I know that the Cuties brand is also available in the next town over.  Interested to see what on Earth happened with the sudden disappearance of Cuties and the immergence of Halos, I turned to the internet.  Apparently what happened is that the companies Paramount Citrus and Sun Pacific had been partners, but this partnership ended, and as part of the deal, Sun Pacific bought the Cuties brand and logo.  Paramount Citrus then introduced the Wonderful Halos as a replacement for Cuties, and the company has spent about $20 million dollars in advertising the new brand in 2013.  There's been a lot of pushback from some of the Halos commercials ("ungrateful brats" was one description of the commercial), and after seeing the commercials myself, I understand why.  I think I'd rather buy Cuties.  I don't need my fruit to be angelic, you know?  I'd rather it be cute.

Nightingale Floors via Wikipedia and Youtube

On account of a Mythbusters episode, I was reading about ninjas, and came across these nifty floors.  They are made in such a way as to squeak when someone steps on it, thus becoming a ninja deterrent.

Wizard Quest, via

Wizard Quest in Wisconsin Dells, WI, is described as a "13000-square-foot fantasy-themed labyrinth".  Attendees solve geeky riddles and puzzles to "free" 4 trapped wizards, and if they manage to complete the quest within the time limit, they get a prize.

From the looks of it, this is cheesy in a pretty awesome way.  Some of the creatures and setting look cheap, but other portions, like the puzzle chest room, are quite well done.  The tunnel/ball pit thing makes me a little concerned about safety.

Apparently, there's also a little kids version called MagiQuest as well, which also seems really cool.  It actually might be cooler than Wizard Quest.  Unfortunately, the nearest one is in Centralia, Washington.  I want to go. >.>

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