Sunday, February 2, 2014

What-What?! Week of February 2nd

Unfortunately, I'm not able to write a lot for this week, because I'm stuck using one hand.  After falling off my skateboard and hurting my arm, I've spent most of the week with it in a sling.  While I'd like to say that this is more problematical at work, it isn't; being home with a toddler who wants to be held and cuddled is much harder to handle without hurting myself more.

Also, everyone who knows me is now like "a skateboard?!?".  Yes, I decided to learn how to skateboard.  I was doing pretty well, too, until I decided I needed to start practicing different ways to stop, which is when I fell.  Apparently starting and going on a skateboard is much easier than stopping on a skateboard.  Luckily, my boss had a sling in her car, which is what I've been wearing.  So that's nice.

Learning How to Skateboard:  The Nerdy Way

Maybe I should have titled this the "I have no friends" way. :P  After much digging around, I've spent a few hours both reading skateboarding guides, as well as watching many YouTube videos.  There're a couple of different guides that I found that were useful, but the most useful one was at this UK site, Board-Crazy.  As for videos, this set over at YouTube is one of the best, as well.

...Just in case anyone else is interested. ;D

Film:  The Lego Movie via

This is an interesting article about the upcoming Lego movie, titled The Lego Movie.  When I first read about this film, I was somewhat confused; why is this the Lego movie?  What about The Adventures of Clutch Powers?  Granted, this film is debuting in theaters, rather than home video like all of Lego's other films, but even Lego's home video pieces have been pretty high quality.  I do like that this Lego movie spans all of Lego's sets, mixing any and every theme available.  While this isn't something I think I'd go to the theater for, I will almost definitely be picking it up on DVD.

Oh!  Don't forget to check out my husband's blog, The Wizard's Rambles.  He's posted twice since last week, once discussing miniatures, and once about his classes, which started this week.

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