Sunday, February 9, 2014

What-What?! Week of February 9th

Crafts:  Painting a 'Mech in Five Minutes via YouTube

This is a great quick tutorial on how to paint battlemechs quickly, while still looking pretty good.  I plan on using this method on some of our cheapie plastic miniatures, because why not?  I do particularly like how the man in the video refers to washes as "instant skill".  Too true!

News:  Why Walmart is Getting Too Expensive for the Middle Class via Yahoo! Finance

This article makes kind of a funny point: Walmart is now becoming too expensive for its main clientele.  Even though the economy is growing, jobs are being created, and unemployment down, the recovery has been pretty hollow.  Disposable income keeps ticking downward, and this is especially apparent in the dropping incomes of the middle and lower class.  This article seems to infer that most of the bump in retail spending has been by those in the upper class  While it's old news that dollar stores have become fierce competitors for discount retailers, it'll be interesting to see how Walmart reacts to all these factors.  I don't really expect it to turn into a more premium store, because that would take a lot of infrastructure improvements, like making the stores look nicer, hiring more employees, and so on.  No, I expect that Walmart will just become more hardcore in its low cost strategy.  I can't say I envy Walmart's suppliers, because you know those are the ones that will feel the pinch first.  Time will tell, I suppose.

Cooking:  Hot Cocoa Oatmeal

We ran out of other things to eat, so I made this.  I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is, while still somewhat healthy (there are oats, so...).  Simply make however many servings of oatmeal you'd like, then add the same number of hot cocoa packets (or scoops from a tin).  I added a little bit more sugar to mine, but otherwise it was plenty delicious.  Some cinnamon and nutmeg would make a lovely spiced cocoa oatmeal.  I suggest topping with marshmallows, sliced banana, and a splash of half-n-half or milk.

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