Saturday, May 10, 2014

What-What?! Week of May 11th

Happy Mother's Day!  To all you fellow mommies out there. :)

This past week, I did post a new article, and I also realized that I failed to mention the one I'd written the week prior.  This week, I wrote about tracking customer feedback, and the previous week, I wrote about the three defining aspects of a successful farmers' market.

Otherwise, this week was quite long.  None of my fourth graders had any homework all week, so that was an extra five hours of activities I had to unexpectedly plan for.  This next part takes the cake, though: Tuesday, two of my students decided to walk to the store, rather than come to the YMCA.  We wound up with the police searching for them.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more worried or anxious about anything work-related than that day.  What made it more worrisome was that these two children never walk home, or anywhere, by themselves.  Luckily, they were found after three hours, and are now safe with their families.  It was scary waiting around to see if they were found, because we didn’t know if they’d been taken by someone, walked off by themselves, or what.  I was happy when that day ended.

Mad Men:  Jumped the Shark?

Recently, I finished watching season six of Mad Men on Netflix.  After binge-watching all the seasons, I found myself wondering why Mad Men is still so popular; the show is populated with depressed, unhappy characters who make the same mistakes time and again.  Don can’t seem to stop sleeping with random women, nor can he seem to control his alcohol use.  Peggy is constantly stuck between a rock and a hard place with her work and personal life.  Betty can't seem to get anything right.
The last season especially feels like the show has jumped the shark.  CGC and SCDP merging felt like a desperate attempt to revitalize a show that has done all it can with its current cast of unchanging characters.  Though I enjoy the juxtaposition between Ted and Don, their sparring and disconnects didn’t do much to help the show.  Now that Ted is on his way to California, I’m going to assume that their relationship isn’t likely to continue in this way.  It might be better that way, since “two tigers cannot share the same mountain” – having both characters in that position felt like they were vying for who was the main character in an ensemble show.
For season six, I’m hoping that the producers and writers do more to grow the characters, as it seems like they’ve been stuck in a rut.
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