Sunday, May 18, 2014

What-What?! Week of May 18th

This week was HOT HOT HOT.  Three 100 degree days in a row.  At work, the kids were all restless and grumpy, partly from being kept inside, and partly because, when they went outside, it was too hot to do much of anything.

I posted Tuesday about Whole Foods Market and its recent troubles.  After reading up some more on the grocery industry, I started working on a paper about the top companies in the industry, somewhat similar to my current eBook.  I should have that ready to publish in another two weeks, maybe.

Reddit:  What is a Hobby You've Always Wanted to Explore?

Lately, I've spent some time browsing on Reddit, and have been pretty impressed with the community.  I'm more used to the comments on Cracked and news sites, which tends to have the scum of the internet spewing all over, but because of Reddit's upvote/downvote system, most of the rude replies get hidden, leaving only the positive and helpful ones.

One of the best threads I've seen since starting was one asking about hobbies that people want to try, but haven't because they don't know how, can't afford it, or just aren't sure where to start.  I started looking through the thread, and there is so much great advice, it's impressive.  From scuba diving, robotics, fencing, sailing, and even crazy stuff like wingsuit flying (!!!).  It makes me want to have all of the hobbies.  All of them.

Kickstarter: Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

This film stars Kevin Sorbo.  Kevin Sorbo.  Yes, the guy who played Hercules on the TV show of the same name, and Captain Hunt of Andromeda, the sci-fi show.  I grew up watching these shows, and Sorbo has a special place in my heart.  This film definitely fits into the realm of things I'd like to see him doing.  Looking at the cast of characters, it seems to check all the necessary boxes for a fantasy film: Good and evil mages, a half-elf dude who is also a thief, a fighter guy (I'm calling him Madmartigan, okay?), and a priestess.

This is the first film of the trilogy, and currently has a Kickstarter, which ends Monday (tomorrow!) at 4pm PST.  $15 will get you the digital download of the film.

I'm ridiculously excited, if you can't tell.

(images via, Kickstarter)

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