Monday, June 16, 2014

On the Road... Portland

We are now in Portland.  Tomorrow afternoon, we'll arrive in Everett.

Today was a much easier day than yesterday; we got going by 10am, and I arrived at our hotel around 4pm.  The trip was pretty quick, until we got into Portland itself;  because of traffic, it took 45 minutes to do the last 20 miles.  In addition to the early rush hour traffic, there was rain, lightening, thunder, and even hail.  All at once.  The scenery was pretty cool.  We saw glass towers, gondolas, and a million bridges.

I am still sick.

So far, to entertain themselves, the children have:
  • Poked each other
  • Argued about made up animals.  Do Weevers eat trees?  Are they actually a kind of dinosaur, or a mammal?
  • Sung songs -- like the Pokemon theme song, over and over.
  • Pretended to be Pokemon ("PIKA!  Pika-pika?  Pikachu!").
  • Dumped water on my bag of clothes.
  • Thrown toys at people (!!!)
  • Drawn on their magnadoodles -- this is probably the thing that they've spent the most time doing.
  • Played on the iPad.
  • Taken photographs with their little kid camera.
  • Complained about having to go to Washington.  Not about wanting to go back.  Just wanting to go other places than Washington.  Like the zoo advertised on the side of the road.
Tonight, we finally got to have dinner with all of us together; the last time we all shared a meal was Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, when we arrive tomorrow, we won't have any internet, so I probably won't post for a few days.

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