Saturday, June 21, 2014

What-What?! Week of June 22nd

The view out our back porch.  You can see the playground, geese, and lake.
We're approaching a week of living in Everett, Washington.  It is very different here.

One of the most stark differences between our old apartment and this one is the noise; at the previous place, we were very near both a highway and the main street of Hollister.  Even late at night, there would be sirens, and the low din of traffic.  Here in Everett, the back of our apartment faces a lake.  We're the fourth aparment building back in the complex, so we're pretty far from the street.  In the evenings, after the children go to bed, it is extremely quiet.  Sometimes you can hear the ducks or geese.
Peter with some neighborhood children.
Our first day here, the husband and I decided to unload some of the lighter things out of our truck, in preparation of having movers help us the next day.  After 20 minutes or so, this kid comes up and asks if we need help.  By the end of the day, we had four of the neighborhood kids helping us -- we thanked them with some pizza.

The first kid who came to talk to us actually thought that my husband was my father.  Even kids think I'm 12. D:

The other day, we went down to the local park.  I was expecting a small neighborhood playground, but instead it was huge, with all kinds of climbing equipment, and many spinning things.  It's only about three blocks from here, too, so well within walking distance.

We plan on going to the farmers market today, which I'm pretty excited about.  At the Safeway here in Everett, the term "local" is defined as coming from Washington or Oregon.  Coming from California, that's a pretty broad definition of local.

The apartment itself is pretty nice.  The flooring is all new.  The kitchen is very small, which presents some issues just finding places for the basics.  We've set up a bookshelf next to the counter on one side to give us some extra space.  I miss the counters and cabinets from the last apartment, but it seems common for apartments here, as most we looked at had kitchens set up like this.
My small kitchen.  This will take getting used to.
Next week, we need to work on car stuff, getting more things unpacked, and maybe looking for jobs.  Oh, and figure out how washing clothes works. xP

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