Sunday, July 13, 2014

What-What?! Week of July 13th

It has been nearly a month since we left California.  Life here isn't bad at all; the weather is quite nice, the people have been very friendly, and living in a larger town has its benefits.

Still, I get homesick.

Sometimes the homesickness catches me by surprise.  The other day, I was coming home from the store when I saw someone that looked strikingly like one of my brothers.  I was then promptly run over by homesickness.  I miss my family, and I miss the husband's family, too.  I know the homesickness will get better over time.  But especially right now, without a regular job or being in school, it's pretty easy to feel it.

The husband started his job on Tuesday; it is a very physical job, but he seems to be doing well with it so far.  On Friday, he came home from work, including doing an hour of overtime, and then assembled my new computer desk.  I was impressed.

I am now working with a temp agency, and while they don't have a real position for me yet, they do have a variety of one-day and short-notice work which will give me hours around the husband's job.  I'll be doing my first gig this evening.  It is nice to make some money.

Being home with all three children by myself makes the day go by slowly.  Because the kitchen is small, I spend a ton of time washing dishes.  It's annoying.  On the other hand, I have a lot of time to cook and do other things...

Cooking:  Homemade Egg Noodles via The Pioneer Woman

I've made noodles before, many times.  Mostly with a food processor, which brings an ease to the process that is really unmatched.  I haven't made noodles entirely by hand in quite some time, but with the food processor packed in a box, and not much by way of counter space anyway, I decided to make these egg noodles by hand.  It was much easier than I had expected, and when the dough was finished, it really was a dream to work with.  Very easy to roll out and cut.  I added mine to some chicken noodle soup, and the noodles really made the soup something special.

(img via

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