Saturday, August 9, 2014

What-What?! Week of August 10th

This week, we visited the local library, and now my daughter has her first library card!  The main branch here in Everett has a lovely children's area, complete with comfy coaches and chairs, toys, puzzles, and lots of books, of course.  Each of the kids picked out some books and a movie.  I would like to see more of what the adult section looks like, but maybe that will happen some other time.

Last time we went to Costco, we bought milk there.  We'd been avoiding it, because the milk jugs are square, and we'd read about it being hard to pour milk.  By "square jug", I mean this:
Not regular square, but super square!
We haven't found them particularly hard to pour, so we'll probably buy them again.  More entertaining, though, is the fact that my middle boy, who is obsessed with MineCraft, has decided that it is "MineCraft Milk".  Because it's square, and everything in MineCraft is square.  He was especially pleased when I made "MineCraft cookies" to go with it -- that is, bar cookies cut into squares.  I guess all square foods are now MineCraft foods.

News:  Sean Bean AMA on Reddit via Reddit

Sean Bean was on Reddit this past Tuesday, doing an "Ask Me Anything" to promote his new show, Legends.  This AMA is full of great stories from Bean's film career, like how he went to the wrong set one day, and so on.  I would suggest you go read it.  After reading it, the husband and I decided that we needed to watch the Sharpe's series (again for me, the first time for him).  Pete actually went to the local library and checked out the first two videos the next day.

Odd Jobs:  Doll Hair Stylist

This week's odd job is a Doll Hair Stylist position at the local American Girl shop:
This one actually sounds pretty awesome.  Getting paid to play with children is usually a pretty good gig.

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