Saturday, August 30, 2014

What-What?! Week of August 31st

Friday, I put up a new shelf in the bathroom.  I had assembled the shelf earlier this week, which took maybe 20 minutes.  Getting it attached to the wall, though, took another hour and 15 minutes.  Between not having the proper tools, having to find what tools we do have, small children, and other accidents (like dropping parts in the garbage can, d'oh!), it just took forever.

I finished reading the Corwin cycle of the Chronicles of Amber -- all five books.  So, there's that.

Took the kids back to the library, which was good.  Next time we go, I'm going to try the branch library, since it seems to have more children's events than the main library.  Maybe they have an even better children's section, too?

Random Children's Quote of the Week

My middle son: "Dinosaurs died before the cowboys died."

Factually true, I suppose.

News:  Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

I saw this on Reddit, and thought it was really cool.  The Smithsonian has  opportunities for online volunteers to transcribe various texts, as well as work on Wikipedia pages, and postage stamps (but only for those who have particular knowledge of stamps and postal operations).  The transcription website has a pretty big variety of content to work with in six major themes -- American Experience, Biodiverse Planet, Civil War Era, Field Book Registry, Mysteries of the Universe, and World Cultures.

Adorable Cockatiel Artwork via DeviantArt

Growing up, my family had a cockatiel, which are great little birds, very full of personality.  Not always the best personality, mind you, but entertaining, nonetheless.  This artist on DeviantArt has done a great job capturing their very birdy essence.  Also, it's adorable.  Adorable.
Pink?!  So cute.

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