Sunday, September 14, 2014

What-What?! Week of September 14th

Things are as they were, mostly.  This past week, I set up Skype with my father-in-law, which was really nice.  I miss everyone back home.

I went to an informational meeting for this local homeschooling group, which I'm probably going to join.  They seem like people who could be my kind of people.  They have events mostly in town, too, so it's not like driving to the East Side all the time, which is where the other homeschool meet-ups I've found are.

And now something vaguely depressing...!

Gene-Altered Apple Tested in Washington State via The Seattle P.I.

Last year, an inspection of gene-altered apples found trees that were flowering less than 100 feet from conventional apples, poor record keeping practices, and using no methods of keeping animals away from them.  Basically, doing everything to ensure that these genetically altered apples interbreed with other apples.

The article goes on to describe the kinds of incidents that occur at experimental plots with the potential to spread genetically modified produce to unwanted areas, and the wrist slaps that the overseeing government agency applies when things go wrong.  In the incident above, the agency fined the company $19,250, which is a paltry sum.

I don't necessarily disagree with genetically altered produce.  I understand the science, and that, as yet, we have no evidence that it would be harmful to humans.  However, what I do object to is that it is extremely difficult to keep genetically modified produce from mixing with conventional produce.  I want to have the choice not to get it, and I want to have the assurance that, if for whatever reason we do find out that certain varieties are harmful, we have other options.

The article, clocking in at five pages, is a bit of a long read, but well worth the information.

With that, how about some pictures of my kids?  They are adorable:

The artist at work.

It's unusual to see this one be so still.

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