Saturday, September 20, 2014

What-What?! Week of September 21st

This week... could've been better.  My kids have all had colds, and I haven't been feeling so great, either.

The husband worked 50 hours this week.  As I sit here typing, he's in the big kids' room, reading to them.  Earlier the boys wrestled with him, and the baby snuggled on the bed with him.  They missed him, for sure.

Puppets Please Marionettes

This past weekend, I took the two older kids to the library to see a puppet show by Puppets Please.  I have been to a few puppet shows before, and I have to say, this one was really special.  It was incredibly interactive and really engrossing for the kids.  The songs were catchy, and well-suited for the age of the audience.  In the gopher act, the characters talk about growing up to become various kinds of scientists, like astronauts, paleontologists, doctors, and so on.  Corey talked about that act for days, asking about whether he could grow up and be a scientist.  My kids had a really great time, and I'm glad we went.

The University of Washington Twin Registry

The other day, I got an odd letter in the mail from the University of Washington.  Apparently, the university operates a twin registry, and does research based on it.  I am a twin, and when I filled out my paperwork to get a drivers license, the paperwork specifically asked about it, to ensure that identical twins do not share a license (though what stops identical twins from using each other's licenses...?!).  This registry is unusual because it gets its information from the drivers license database, which makes it an unbiased sample of the community.

I think this is pretty cool.  The university's website is also an interesting read, with information about studies, twin biology stuff, frequently asked questions about twins ("Can twins read each other's minds?"), and a list of twin documentaries, as well as films involving twins... like the original Star Wars trilogy.  Not bad, researchers, not bad.

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