Saturday, September 27, 2014

What-What?! Week of September 28th

This week was not bad.  The husband was sent home on Tuesday because he was too sick to work.  I cooked food, and it was good (lasagna, oatmeal jam bars, other things...).  It also rained most of the week, which was pretty sad to me.

Lowe's Build and Grow: Fire Truck

Yesterday, I took the two older kids to Lowe's for their monthly Build and Grow clinic.  This is a free event put on by Lowe's, and is a lot of fun.  At the event, you get a free apron and safety goggles, and the wooden project.  The project this month was a fire truck.  My kids had a good time, though the project was just on the edge of their ability to maintain patience, as far as waiting for instructions, wearing the goggles, and so on.  The kit was entirely put together with nails, which the kids hammered together more-or-less successfully.  The assembly was well thought out, and it seems pretty sturdy.  I think that getting the kids interested in working with their hands and giving them some ability to use tools is really good for their sense of independence.  Combine that with how much time they've spent playing with the toys, and you bet we're going back next month.  They are already excited to build their own haunted houses. :)

Book Review: The Green and the Gray by Timothy Zahn

I picked this Zahn book up from the library, based on the good reviews off Amazon, and how much I liked The Icarus Hunt.  I was pretty disappointed.  This story follows the same basic formula as The Icarus Hunt, with the protagonist and his associate stuck with something they don't understand, that everyone else is willing to murder for.

Where the story really goes wrong is the main protagonists -- the married couple's relationship is terribly clichéd, it doesn't feel real at all, and the dialogue is painful.  One of the other big issues is the number of characters is unmanageable.  There are all these sides doing all these things, it's hard to remember who is doing what (and why) at any given time.  So when there are big reveals, they tend to fall flat because it's hard to keep track of the significance.

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