Sunday, January 18, 2015

What-What?! Week of January 18th

The husband and I took the kids to the zoo yesterday.  Last weekend, we had decided to go, even if it was cold or rainy.  And it was cold and rainy.  But there were few people out walking around, which made it a nice, quiet trip.  The indoor areas were pretty packed, though, especially the indoor playground thing.  What was really great was getting to see the animals along the northern trail of the zoo, which is themed around the taiga (boreal forest) biome, in their winter coats.  The coats on the wolves were extremely thick -- very different from when we had visited in the summer.  It looked very comfy.

Saffron has yet to finish her next cross stitch, though it is nearly done.  Also nearly done is the collection of Little House on the Prairie books that my parents gave her for Christmas.  The kid has read over 600 pages!  She's even read other books during that time, too.  Makes me happy.

I have started another cross stitch myself.  This one is larger, and for someone's birthday... and since that someone reads this blog, that's as much as I'll say.  You'll like it, you someone. :P

Speaking of projects, I painted something!  In fact, I painted something that goes with exactly none of my décor.  If I had any décor out, that is.  My wall things are all still in boxes.  Anyway.  This is acrylic on canvas.  What is it?  I'll tell you.  This is the symbol of Lordaeron, one of the human nations in World of Warcraft.  Yeah, I like history even when it's not real history.  This is what it looks like in game:

Mine looks a bit wonky because I hand drew it on the canvas.  That's okay, though, it gives it character, or something.  I'll probably just stick it in a box with all my other wall art.  D'oh. xP

Google Flu Trends

For something that will make you want to stay home, take a look at Google's flu tracker.  It's based on search terms, and follows the CDC's data pretty well.  Nationally, it seems like we've hit the peak of infections, but here in Washington, it's still heading upward.  Pretty interesting stuff; make sure to hit the link and read through the "How does this work?" page.

(img from wowpedia)

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