Sunday, January 25, 2015

What-What?! Week of January 25th

The last week of January!  How did that happen? :P

This week, the husband and I had a big parenting achievement; we gave the littlest one a bath without huge amounts of screaming and crying.  I always thought that my middle kid was the worst for baths, but then we had Ozzy.  He always screams like he is dying the moment he touches water.  It is so loud that it makes my ears ring for a while after he's done.  Just horrible.  But with the combination of daddy holding him in the bathtub, bubbles, a whisk (we have the weirdest bath toys), and a little luck (he was in a good mood), we made it through with very little crying.

The husband and I have also started house shopping in the area.  There's not a ton on the market yet, being January and all, but there are already a few options.  We're probably not going to wind up living in Everett, but the surrounding towns are pretty nice, and quite close, too.

My middle kid made friends with a librarian when we went earlier in the week -- the guy was shelving books in the children's section, and Corey just started talking to him.  His first question? "Are you a big kid?".  Ha!

Cooking:  This Aint' No Yankee Cornbread and Corn Dog Casserole

Last time I hit up the grocery store, the husband suggested that picking up some cornmeal in order to bake some homemade cornbread.  Usually, we pick up a boxed mix for cornbread, but I figured 'why not?'.  We use masa to thicken soups and stews, so even if the cornbread venture went poorly, it wouldn't go to waste.

With that backstory, this is a two-fer; the cornbread itself, and the casserole.  I'm going to review each separately.

The Cornbread:  This is one of the simplest recipes I found.  The recipe makes for a very hearty cornbread, but the next time I make it, I will probably "Yankee" it up a bit by adding some brown sugar.  It was just the tiniest bit bitter, and I think the addition of either brown sugar or honey would offset that nicely.

The Casserole:  Like the cornbread, the next time I make this, I'm changing it.  The idea is good, but you can do a lot better than hotdogs.  I think something like a kielbasa would be brilliant in this casserole, and the addition of some fresh or frozen corn would add a nice bit of texture.

These two recipes were perfect for my "I haven't defrosted any meat and don't know what to cook" day, and I'm definitely keeping them in mind for the future.

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