Saturday, January 3, 2015

What-What?! Week of January 4th

I have now been blogging for a two years!  Wow.

Tomorrow, my husband goes back to work.  The last two weeks have been a nice break from the monotony of life.  It's also nice to be reminded that I can see him all day, every day, and I still want to see him.  That I just saw him two minutes ago doesn't make me less excited. <3

Friday, it actually snowed for maybe an hour.  I put my littlest down for his nap, and by the time he awoke, it had melted.  He was extremely disappointed when he woke up from his nap, as he had wanted to make a snowman.

Adventures in Cross Stitch

Over the course of a few evenings, I decided to do a cross stitch.  I haven't done any needlepoint in probably ten years or so, but I did have all the supplies sitting around.  The aida cloth that I have is very low count (that is, a very coarse weave), so the stitches themselves are quite large.  I had actually bought a pattern to use, then discovered that my cloth pieces weren't large enough for it.  Oops. :P

That said, I did really enjoy making this.  I have another project in the works for right now, but when that's finished, I plan on picking up some finer weave aida cloth and making some other things.

While looking for patterns, I spent a lot of time on Etsy and Craftster, with mixed results.  Finding patterns that aren't sort of old fashioned, overly cutesy style, or reminds me of the puff sleeves from 80s prom dresses, is a bit of a challenge.  The blog Don't Call Me Becky actually has a great list of designers that, while expensive, are just fantastic.

If you don't follow that link, one that you absolutely have to check out is Satsuma Street.  Her series of "Pretty Little..." cities screams vintage Disneyland to me.  That's San Francisco above.

Yeah, I might have to buy it.

That's what I get for a restarting a hobby.

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