Sunday, February 8, 2015

What-What?! Week of February 8th

This week wasn't terrible by any means, but it really dragged on.  We had a pretty big storm roll through, and everything's still wet.  I want to go to the park and see the sun.  The husband came home with some California strawberries on Friday as a treat, and they were delicious.  They were from southern California, and weren't as good as Watsonville strawberries, but still a welcome taste of home.

Book Review:  The Mini Farming Handbook by Brett L. Markham

I didn't go looking for this book.  It just so happens that the gardening and farming books are on the same aisle as the cookbooks at the library.  I saw this book, and never made it to the other end to grab a cookbook. :P

Right now, the husband and I are house shopping, and one of the biggest considerations we have for a house (after other important stuff like the condition of the house, neighborhood, etc.) is the outdoor spaces.  It is our goal to have a large garden, and ideally some chickens or something, too.

We have read and own a few different books about small scale homesteading, and I really like The Mini Farming Handbook because it is very unpretentious.  The author is an organic farmer, but yet there is a section in the book about using pesticides.  This is because, as the author points out, if you are dependent upon that crop to feed your family, you are far less able to take a risk on growing organic produce; where an organic farmer can sell their produce at a higher price to make up for low crop yields, someone farming just for themselves will have a much harder time with such problems.

The sections on cheese and wine making are also very well written; the husband has spent more time reading about the wine making section, but I was very pleased with the discussion of cheese making.  I've looked into cheese making before, and have been put off by the exacting nature of it; it's only so practical to hit exact temperatures for long periods of time in your home.  There is a discussion of this very problem, and what can be done to mitigate it.

The husband and I like it enough that this is one book that we're planning on buying for our personal library.  I highly recommend reading it if this sort of thing interests you.

Next week, I'll be reviewing Scoundrels: Star Wars by Timothy Zahn.

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