Sunday, March 15, 2015

What-What?! Week of March 15th

This week has been eventful; my husband has been promoted, which is excellent.  I'm really excited by the opportunities this promotion opens up for him.  The increase in pay is nice, too. :P

I took Saffron to her Girl Scout meeting, and that went well.  We're starting to get into earning badges and doing activities in the little workbook thing.  They had strawberries and whipped cream to celebrate the founder's birthday.

Saffron and Oz both seem to be sick again, with runny noses and general tiredness.  I thought it might be allergies, but Saffron also has a fever and is just miserable.  Poor kid fell asleep watching TV yesterday afternoon, which almost never happens.

Backyard Bird Identifier via National Geographic
This is very cool.  I took Saffron out to walk around the lake this past weekend, and we both saw a pretty wide variety of birds.  I was trying to figure out what one of the song birds we saw was, and stumbled upon this bird finder.  You input facts about the bird you saw, and it gives you illustrated options on what it might be.  We saw an American Robin (female one, I think), Canada Geese, American Coots, and Wood Ducks (last two are not in the guide).  Since we moved, this is probably the most diverse I've seen the lake in terms of water birds.  I plan on using this and the information in the bird profiles to create some bird ID cards with the two big kids.  I think they'll really enjoy it.

Print Lego-Compatible Bricks!

I have no idea how to use this one!
 Finally, something useful to make with 3D printers! (Other than all those other uses...).

These are really cool, and I could see this as a great way to make your own sets.  I'd like to know if they are as good as actual Lego bricks, because I've tried some of the other brands in commercial production, and they just aren't as good.  They do okay, but just don't hold as well, and that's pretty important.  Especially since my boys like to smash spaceships together still. :P

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