Sunday, March 29, 2015

What-What?! Week of March 29th

Thursday, I died.  Actually, I didn't die, I just did all the housework.  So I didn't post.  So that happened.

Took Saffron to her Girl Scouts meeting this week, which is extra fun now, because I have to take the boys with me too.  The two of them can be a terrible handful, between Oz just wanting to run around, and Corwin wanting to be just as involved in scouts as Saffron.  So I took them shopping.

Peter's birthday was yesterday, so I made cupcakes.  Really simple spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  I made two dozen, and there are only five of us here, so there'll be lots and lots of sugar eaten in the coming days.

I went to the store to buy Poptarts, but they didn't have the kind I like, so I didn't.  I have eaten cereal for breakfast nearly every day for something like two weeks.  I need to do some cooking so I have something else to eat.

Top Gear Shouldn't Go on Without Jeremy Clarkson via Wired

If you haven't been following the news, you may not know that Clarkson has been canned from Top Gear.  While his actions are deplorable (berating and hitting producer), the show in its current format is his brain child.  The variety of humor, the pace, the challenges, the topics (useful consumer advice, anyone?), they're all based on Clarkson's vision.  I agree with this author that Top Gear needs to end; it will not be the same headlined by someone else.  Hammond and May have also left the show, so there's very little that will remain the same or even similar.

Probably the most entertaining bit about this whole thing is James May.  He has, without a doubt, released more information than anyone else, while still remaining entertaining.  His Twitter page tells of his daily struggles as an unemployed man, including his plan to play the British Grenadiers on a recorder.  His first piece is Greensleeves, hungover and on a boat:

Next week, I'll have big news and lots more to talk about.  Stay tuned! :D

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