Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art Thursday -- April 23rd

I thought that I had downloaded pictures off the husband's phone, but apparently not.  In lieu of a picture, here are some kids with boxes on their heads. :P

Sunday, April 19, 2015

What-What?! Week of April 19th

Howdy, howdy, howdy. :P

I have basically nothing to post about this week.  The husband and I spent all of yesterday at the house, putting in flooring.  We were there until 9pm, and we're still not done (ARGH).  We are down to the tiniest section, but after we realized what time it was last night, we decided that everyone was too tired to stay there any later.  I have no pictures of any of this process; was too busy trying to get flooring down.  I'll post some finished pictures later, for sure.  Today, we'll finish that up, clean up all the copious amounts of carpet bits floating around, and work on baseboards.

Earlier this week, we battled water getting into the house through the backdoor.  That's fixed well enough for right now.  I can't seem to get our garbage pick up figured out.  We are required to pay for it, but dang if I can't get them to do what they say they will.  They told me we could keep the previous tenant's bins, but then they were picked up and taken away.  They told me that they'd schedule us to get new bins, but then they didn't drop them off.  I have called them at least once a week since we took possession of the house.  Good grief. D:

My kids did this Friday night.  Pretended to be knights and robots.  Won't be long before cereal boxes won't fit on their heads anymore.  Then what'll they do?

Saffron, walking like an Egyptian:

Okay, enough children.

Current plan is to move next weekend.  I hope it actually happens.  Even if we don't get quite everything moved, we'll still have ownership of the apartment for a bit, so it's not an emergency if stuff is left.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

What-What?! Week of April 12th

I cooked in my new kitchen!  It was just hotdogs, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

More house stories!  All the house stories.


The husband went over to the house to change the wax seal on the toilet, as recommended by our house inspector.  From reading about it online, this seems like a pretty straightforward operation.  It wasn't.  As he was turning the toilet cut off valve closed, the handle sheared off into his hand (!!!).  After some consultation, we decided that this also wouldn't be that hard to fix, so the husband goes to the hardware store and retrieves the needed bits.  The next step was to shut off the main house valve... which doesn't entirely work.  It slowed the flow, but did not stop it.  I had to call the city to get the water shut off, and by the next day, the husband had it all fixed.  In the near future, we're going to get a plumber to come and fix the main valve, because that's not a good thing to have nonfunctional.

It's really just a classic case of "Oh, this will be easy... what has gone wrong now?!"  I recall many, many instances of this while growing up in an old house, so I'm sure that there will be more.


New Blinds

I tried to take a picture of our blinds, but instead got pictures of a dark room.  So here's a manufacturers picture.
Yesterday, We put up new blinds in the bedrooms, so that way they'd actually be dark when we want to sleep.
The style of blinds we chose are cellular blinds, which are pretty nifty.  They have a honeycomb shaped cross section that is insulating, so they do a good job of blocking out cold/heat as well as light.  I would have loved to get double/triple layer ones, but we settled for the single-layer due to the cost and that we'd have to special order them (lots of waiting).  The photo above shows a cord, but we chose a "cordless" variety (it is corded, just internally).

And finally...

Our Backyard

I forgot to post any pictures of our new backyard. :P  We have a tree, a little fire pit thing, a shed, and a bench that's badly in need of new paint.

From just outside the back door towards the far corner.  Those are Easter eggs drawn on the patio.

From the far corner towards the back of the house.  Yes, the fence needs help.

(image from

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Art Thursday -- April 9th

"Nesting Dragons"
Various dragons with nests full of eggs or babies.  Inspired by Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

What-What?! Week of April 4th

Happy Easter!  We had a pretty good Easter, though not a very fancy one this year.  We haven't decorated any eggs or done any other festivities that we normally do.  My kids were still excited, and you better believe that we read Max Counts His Chickens many, many times this week.  Our house is in boxes right now, and so there were lots of places for the 'Easter Bunny' to leave eggs.  It's great listening to the kids questions:
  • "Will the Easter Bunny leave an egg in the oven?" (Why would he leave an egg where you're not allowed to go?)
  • "What about under my pillow?" (Probably not)
  • "What if a monster comes up through the floor and tries to get Dad and he fights it with a sword?!?" (Um...)
(Eventually I'll make a collected works of Corwin's questions).

In other news...

Adventures in Homeownership

Okay, this picture could be better.  Sorry. D:
We bought a house!  Yeah!  We just got possession of it on Monday, and have been crazy working on it and getting things done.  The house is kind of a fixer-upper, and there are things that are wrong.  But we'll fix them.  By the end of the second year, we'll probably have enough fixed/changed that I'll be happy.

That said, Thursday, we went to the house and pulled out the carpeting in the living room.  That was horrific.  It went from "well, this is gross"...
Not shown:  Exactly how awful this carpet is.  The color disguises it somewhat.
Still not that awful.
To "who knows what evil lurks in the heart of carpeting":
The Shadow knows.
Seriously.  This experience has made me question every single carpet that I've ever trod upon.  How many pounds of dirt were underneath them?  We hadn't originally been planning on replacing the carpeting in the rest of the house, but now... now we're not so sure.
The underlayment was bright horrible IBM blue.  Still better than the linoleum underneath.
Friday and Saturday, we worked on putting down laminate flooring.  After we got the underlayment down (which took well over an hour), the living room only took us about 3.5 hours to do, while the kitchen took 2.5 hours.  It looks positively lovely now.  We paid extra for a noise absorbing underlayment, and I'm really glad we did.  The rooms still need baseboards, divider thingies, and to be a trimmed a bit here and there.  We'll take care of those soon enough.
Finished living room, complete with child and toy.
Finished dining room/kitchen, complete with lovely wife. :D
After we finished, we did go outside and enjoyed our new patio and quiet backyard.

I'm really excited for our future here. :D

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Art Thursday -- April 2nd

"My Snack and Dog Shop"
Grand opening!  Come today to grab a quick snack, then head next door to cuddle with some sweet doggies.  Maybe you'll even take one home. <3