Sunday, April 12, 2015

What-What?! Week of April 12th

I cooked in my new kitchen!  It was just hotdogs, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

More house stories!  All the house stories.


The husband went over to the house to change the wax seal on the toilet, as recommended by our house inspector.  From reading about it online, this seems like a pretty straightforward operation.  It wasn't.  As he was turning the toilet cut off valve closed, the handle sheared off into his hand (!!!).  After some consultation, we decided that this also wouldn't be that hard to fix, so the husband goes to the hardware store and retrieves the needed bits.  The next step was to shut off the main house valve... which doesn't entirely work.  It slowed the flow, but did not stop it.  I had to call the city to get the water shut off, and by the next day, the husband had it all fixed.  In the near future, we're going to get a plumber to come and fix the main valve, because that's not a good thing to have nonfunctional.

It's really just a classic case of "Oh, this will be easy... what has gone wrong now?!"  I recall many, many instances of this while growing up in an old house, so I'm sure that there will be more.


New Blinds

I tried to take a picture of our blinds, but instead got pictures of a dark room.  So here's a manufacturers picture.
Yesterday, We put up new blinds in the bedrooms, so that way they'd actually be dark when we want to sleep.
The style of blinds we chose are cellular blinds, which are pretty nifty.  They have a honeycomb shaped cross section that is insulating, so they do a good job of blocking out cold/heat as well as light.  I would have loved to get double/triple layer ones, but we settled for the single-layer due to the cost and that we'd have to special order them (lots of waiting).  The photo above shows a cord, but we chose a "cordless" variety (it is corded, just internally).

And finally...

Our Backyard

I forgot to post any pictures of our new backyard. :P  We have a tree, a little fire pit thing, a shed, and a bench that's badly in need of new paint.

From just outside the back door towards the far corner.  Those are Easter eggs drawn on the patio.

From the far corner towards the back of the house.  Yes, the fence needs help.

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