Sunday, May 10, 2015

What-What?! Week of May 10th

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there.  Have a great day! :)

This past week was mostly spent just running the house and keeping things going.  Our bathtub faucet has developed an intermittent leak, which is extremely aggravating -- it'd be nice if things could wait to break until we've fixed all the things that are already broken. :P

Osric's Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, we celebrated Ozzy's third birthday.  I made him a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, themed after the TV show The Octonauts.  The cake is the character Kwazii, who is a pirate cat:
This cake was actually a bit problematic to make, mostly because we moved.  I couldn't find my frosting dyes, so I had to run out and buy more.  I have also lost my offset spatula, so the frosting isn't as smooth as it would otherwise be.
After blowing out the candles, he tried to eat it all himself, with no utensils.

Briefly, he shared his toys with his siblings.
Oz got a lot of toys; a Little People boat, a biting shark toy, Transformers, Legos, and Octonauts toys.  Everything but the Transformers and the Legos can go in the bath, and you better believe they've been there once already!  That little boy loves baths now.  While unwrapping presents, he was squealing with excitement.

I feel like this photo is pretty representative of my husband as a person: Doing manly-man things, but always with a novel in his pocket.
The husband barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs.  This doesn't seem particularly special, but it is quite an occasion for us; since moving into apartments, we've barbequed only once.  Barbequing was something that we did at our parent's houses, never at our place in California, since it was forbidden in the lease.  We did barbeque once last year at the Washington apartment, but that was pretty unpleasant.  Barbequing yesterday tasted like delicious victory; the freedom and privacy to do whatever we desire is exactly why we bought a house.
In other news, I received another royalties check from Amazon for my ebooks!  It's just $100, but it's still pretty gratifying to actually be paid for writing.  Between this and a check I got in October, I've made half again as much as I did the prior year.  I've also just had a boom of sales in the past month that's not reflected in this payment; because the info in my papers is pretty academic, I find that sales coincides with college finals and midterms.  After mid-June, I'll have a big drop in sales, then they'll pick up again in the fall.  I should get back to serious writing again.

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