Sunday, May 17, 2015

What-What?! Week of May 17th

With all the moving and other things going on, life has recently been more running around putting out fires than anything else.  The husband and I put pictures on the walls a few days ago, so now the place is officially home; we never took our family photos out of the box at the Everett apartment.  That place was never really home (or homey) at all.  We did have my horseshoe out and over the front door this whole time, for good luck.  We need all of that we can get. :P

Yesterday, we hit up the hardware store and picked up more things; a new faucet for the bathroom (my middle child can't operate the current one), patching compound to fix some divots in the wall, and a lawnmower.  I had been looking for a used lawnmower on Craigslist, but had no luck; I did find goats pretty inexpensively, but we really don't need those.  Suppose to pick up a new range hood, but they didn't have what we wanted in store.

At Saffron's Girl Scout meeting this week, she was awarded the Snack Badge, for learning about nutrition, making a snack for herself, and making a snack for her family.  She was also awarded the Discovery Key, which focuses on the scout herself, what makes her special, and how she can help her troop and family.  When I get them ironed on, I'll post a picture of her with them. :)

Later today, we'll be checking out the local library, which I'm excited about.  Going to pick up some books to read, because I need to do something that's not working or being mommy.  I've started watching more episodes of Alton Brown's Good Eats on Netflix, which is good entertainment, and not a bad jumping off point for cooking.  I'm also debating signing up for some classes over at EdX, but those don't start until June.

Was browsing Reddit, and someone mentioned's One Hour of Code.  Turns out, this is mostly aimed at children, so Friday I sat down with Corwin and did the first 20 exercises of the Disney's Frozen set.  He did need some help with the number of degrees (90 vs 45, etc.) for his character to turn, but otherwise did it by himself.  He got this certificate out of it:
The next day, Saffron sat down and got her own:
They had such a good time that I'm planning on working through some of the other tutorials there.  Even if they aren't interested in programming in the future, the logic and planning skills are really valuable.

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