Sunday, June 14, 2015

What-What?! Week of June 14th

Where did this week go?  What did I even do? It felt very long, but was pretty unproductive.  I suppose that, since the house hasn't burned down, the kids have been fed and schooled, and work has been worked, we'll count it as a win. :P

Iron Man, hanging out with the baby wipes. :P
I did take the big kids to the Lowe's Build and Grow clinic yesterday, where they built themselves an Avengers jet.  This is the first time we've gone to the Marysville store to do this, and it was certainly different than the Everett one; at Everett, there are stacks of wood that are used as tables, while in Marysville, you sit on the floor.  This was a bit annoying at times, but it did seem like the kids spent less time trying to run a hammer into their faces, since the project was farther away from said faces.  The poor mom sitting next to us was really frustrated by the subpar instructions, but I did find this to be one of the easier projects.  The next one is in two weeks, and the project is going to be Captain America's motorcycle.  I might have to sign Ozzy up for that one, too, because he is just crazy for motorcycles.

Oh, I forgot to talk about what the husband made for my birthday dinner!  It was a tri-tip roast, barbequed Argentinian-style, with chimichurri sauce.  The chimichurri sauce was especially delicious, with earthy flavors and a good amount of heat.  It was extremely green.  We ate it on pretty much everything, it was that good.

This past Sunday, the husband and I cooked German food; he made pork schnitzel and cabbage salad, while I made spaetzle.  It was a great comfort food meal, perfect for a Sunday night.  And we cooked together, which is always fun. :)

Oh!  I know what we did!  We got a baby pool:
Fill 'er up!
And... relax!

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