Sunday, June 21, 2015

What-What?! Week of June 21st

Didn't post on Thursday, because I was broken.  I had a terrible day, and was just really discouraged.  It seemed like everything that is important to me on a day-to-day basis -- schooling the children, working the works, taking the classes, keeping my family healthy -- went wrong.  And I haven't been getting enough sleep, to boot.  So it all just collided into an entire day of wondering where the hell I have gone wrong with my life.  If all the stuff that I have been doing is worth it.  Which is stupid.  Being able to pay the bills is worth it, learning things is worth it, having an educated, healthy family is worth it.

So Thursday, I did the stuff I needed to; schooled the children, worked the works, took the classes, cooked a healthy-ish meal.  Then I watched part of Hot Fuzz, and fell into bed.

Friday wasn't as bad.  Saturday was better.

The husband made a teepee out of bamboo, and an old sheet:
The proud creator with his work.
I fit in it too! :D
It hasn't blown away yet, so that's nice.

Book Review: His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik

This is one of Peter's books that I stole off his desk.  I made sure that he'd read it first, though, because I am a nice person like that.  It's a historical fantasy, set in Britain during the Napoleonic Wars.  There are dragons.  The story follows a naval captain, who winds up being the caretaker of a dragon.  I liked pretty well; It was well-written, with an interesting story, and a believable world setting.  The only part that bugged me was some of the pacing; it is a bit slow.  The ending was anticlimactic, and on the verge of being disappointing.  I hit the last page and truly thought "That's it?".  It just felt like there should have been more; a greater sense struggle, a longer description of the final battle and it's fallout, just something.  It's the first in a series though, so it's got that "...and now you'll buy the next one!" feeling a bit.  Otherwise, it is quite enjoyable.  I'm currently going through the Dragonlance trilogy, but when I'm done with them, I'll be reading the sequel to this.

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