Sunday, June 28, 2015

What-What?! Week of June 28th

This post is late because I was sleeping.  I have no regrets.

It has been legitimately hot here.  In fact, I think that this is the first time since we've moved that it has been this hot; mid- to high-80s.  By Thursday, it's suppose to be up to the 90s.  Happily, it cools down pretty quickly at night, but we have an old house; leaky windows, and no A/C make it uncomfortable during the day.  At least it's not 100 degrees or whatever like in California.

Yesterday, I took the big kids to Lowe's for the Build and Grow thing.  The project was Captain America's motorcycle, and the second part of a six-part Avengers set.  This was probably one of the poorest designed projects we've done a these events; there were various parts that came glued together, and in the course of hammering everything else together, they tended to fall apart.  Otherwise, the kids had fun.

The husband picked up a little kit to do with Ozzy, so they made a pirate ship together:
It has a retractable plank.

The husband also picked up a Viking hat from the thrift store:
He insisted on yelling "BLASTOFF!" the whole time I was taking pictures.
When we were playing with water yesterday, the kids started to fill it up and dump water on people.  Well, actually, no, that's what the husband and I were doing.  To Oz.  But he paid us back for it; he surreptitiously filled the hat up with water left over in the hose, then snuck up to us grown-ups, and dumped it!  It mostly got me wet, but the husband's arm got a bunch too.  But we deserved it, so you know. :P

Found some pictures of the big kids too (just in case you thought Ozzy was my favorite :P ):

There were other things I was going to post, but I have forgotten them all.

Oh!  Lego has announced another set of female scientists: LEGO Reveals Female Scientist Minifigures.  I'm pretty excited about the paleontologist, but then I would be, because dinosaurs are awesome.

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