Thursday, July 30, 2015

Art Thursday -- July 30th

"Silly Head"
This one was made by Corwin... and I think the person pictured is Ozzy.  Because of course it is. :P

Sunday, July 26, 2015

What-What?! Week of July 26th

My parents finished their visit this past week.  It was very nice to have them over; I've missed them a lot since we left.  The weather was nice the whole time they were here, and now it's rainy again. 'Cuz Washington.  Before they left, we got some nice pictures of me with my parents, and also our family:
A good picture of our family still involves at least one person not looking at the camera. :P
Also, I finally got photos off of the husband's phone, including this one of the "Connect Four: Lettuce Edition":
I think it's a pretty nifty setup.  Our backyard is pretty big, but even still, something like this would not go amiss.  I would really like to start a garden, but I think that winter's going be here before anything happens.  We're actually heading to the hardware store later to pick up various supplies for household projects.  Like, 5 different household projects, because we've been saving up. xP

Saffron dressed like she was from the 80s on Tuesday:
Saffron actually dressed herself in another similar color-coordinated outfit later in the week, also with the 80s-style side ponytail.

I will post something more substantial next week, since the projects on my weekly docket shouldn't be too time intensive.  Maybe I'll even cook something new.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

What-What?! Week of July 19th

My parents are here! :D

I haven't seen them since we left California.  I have missed them a lot, and so has everyone else.  Ozzy was acting shy when we first saw them, but warmed up quickly.  The big kids acted like no time had gone by, basically.

We had spent Friday just hanging out at home, and most of yesterday as well.  The husband barbequed some tri-tip, we had a nice dinner together, and then hit up a park.

That afternoon, though, my kids wore out my parents:
Saffron casts "Sleep"! -- unfortunately, the spell radius is only 2.5 feet. :P
Hanging out with the baby. :)
Later today, we're going to go to the local Cabela's, which is HUGE.  It has aquariums and all sorts of things in it.  I don't know what all, exactly, but it seems like it'd be a good time.

Not much else happened this week.  Tried to get all my work hours done before my parents came.  Went to the doctor for a checkup thing -- that went fine.  Took the kids to the big park, and we walked through the gardens there.  I plan on taking the husband back to look at some of the setups they had; some were pretty nifty, including what I can only describe as "Connect Four: Lettuce Edition".  I will absolutely take a picture of it next time.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Art Thursday -- July 16th

"The Great Rescue"
An illustrative picture!  By Corwin!  It's not a maze, or a game board, or some other game of some sort.  It's just a fire truck, putting out a fire.  It's unusual for him to do these.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

What-What?! Week of July 12th

This week was okay.  We spent mostly just doing the normal stuff.  The husband worked a bunch of overtime and had other things, though.  Friday, he left the house at 9:45am, then didn't come home until after midnight.  He had a dental appointment, then other errands to run in town before going to work.

Lowe's Build and Grow

Rubber Ducky stands guard in the background.  Osric's has no stickers, because they were too eager to put it together. :P
Yesterday, I took the big kids to the Lowe's Build and Grow event, where I met up with another mom, and we took all the children over to her place to play and put the kits together.  Only Corwin built his, though, because Saffron was too busy playing on the trampoline. :P  The mom I met up with also homeschools in the same style, has kids the same ages as mine, and conveniently lives across the freeway from us.  So we're planning on doing some more activities together.

Corwin built this maze, filled it with monsters, then put a hero character at the beginning.  All he needed was some dice and character sheets for full DnD nerdity. :D

Next weekend, my parents are visiting!  It will be the first time we've seen them since we left in June of last year.  Everyone here is quite excited. :)  I gotta think up some activities for us to do, though.  I'm sure that the kids will beg to play some board games, though, so we'll do that for sure.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Art Thursday - July 9th

"The Lady"
This picture has a still life thing going on.  That lady has scary eyes, though.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

What-What?! Week of July 5th

Missed posting on Thursday.  This has become a regular problem, which means I need to figure out some other way to deal with it.  I might start posting late Wednesday night or something similar, since mornings have become less practical.

In other news, my eldest sister just spent a few days visiting us.  She left Friday afternoon.  I haven't spent significant time with her since before she left California to work on her graduate degree... 14 years ago, or so.
We went to a local park, had a picnic by the lake, and visited the playground there.  This is the same park that I couldn't find about a month ago, and it also took some work to find it this time, too.  Part of the problem is that the signage is terrible -- inset into the park, behind bushes, and using a thin font that blends too closely to the background color.  It was as if the city was trying to make it difficult to see and hard to read.
Saffron riding on Applesauce
Yesterday, we drove to Arlington and went to a 4th of July carnival there.  It was pretty small, but the kids had a good time, and it was nice just walking around the downtown area.  While Marysville is nice, Arlington really has a great hometown kind of feel.  The drive there is nice too; fields and fields of corn, berries, and hay.  Big barns and tractors.  Homey.
Corwin went around three times, but was so engrossed that we never got a good picture of him. :P
The big kids went on a pony ride, while the little one did the bounce house.  I only got one picture of Oz in there, and that's when he was gawking at some other little boy's wipeout:
The pony ride went well; at first, Corwin wasn't too sure about being on a pony, but he warmed up to it fast.  When he was done, he told us that he "could ride all day!".  Saffron was also thrilled with the whole thing.

The week was actually quite short, since the husband worked two partial days, then had a day off.  I'm not looking forward to going back to the grind tomorrow.  I really just want to sleep for a week, but we don't really have the money for a real vacation.  I don't get time off from my job anyway.