Sunday, July 26, 2015

What-What?! Week of July 26th

My parents finished their visit this past week.  It was very nice to have them over; I've missed them a lot since we left.  The weather was nice the whole time they were here, and now it's rainy again. 'Cuz Washington.  Before they left, we got some nice pictures of me with my parents, and also our family:
A good picture of our family still involves at least one person not looking at the camera. :P
Also, I finally got photos off of the husband's phone, including this one of the "Connect Four: Lettuce Edition":
I think it's a pretty nifty setup.  Our backyard is pretty big, but even still, something like this would not go amiss.  I would really like to start a garden, but I think that winter's going be here before anything happens.  We're actually heading to the hardware store later to pick up various supplies for household projects.  Like, 5 different household projects, because we've been saving up. xP

Saffron dressed like she was from the 80s on Tuesday:
Saffron actually dressed herself in another similar color-coordinated outfit later in the week, also with the 80s-style side ponytail.

I will post something more substantial next week, since the projects on my weekly docket shouldn't be too time intensive.  Maybe I'll even cook something new.

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