Sunday, August 16, 2015

What-What?! Week of August 16th

This weekend we have my mother-in-law visiting!  This was the scene last night:
I kept trying to get an un-blurry picture, but the kids were all too wiggly. :P

We haven't done terribly much, but part of that is because the weather has been bad.  Friday is stormed terribly, with lightning and thunder and everything.

Today, I'm taking the children to their friend's birthday party.  They are very excited, and spent part of Friday making wrapping paper and cards for their friend:
I showed Osric how to draw balloons, and then he spent the entire time just drawing those.  He also wrote his name with only a bit of help from me:

Earlier in the week, the weather was good, so the kids decided to try dangerous things:

'Cuz those things are the most fun.

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