Sunday, August 2, 2015

What-What?! Week of August 2nd

And it's August!

I actually cooked this week, though nothing particularly interesting.  I did a simple peach cobbler, and a delicious chili.  The husband barbequed chicken, which was also good.  Next week, I'm going to pick up 50 pounds of peaches from a local farm, then spend a day or two processing all of those.  I think I'm going to pack 'em all in the freezer, as I don't have the time or energy to can them right now.

Thursday was awful, for really no good reason.  The kids were snappy and fussy, and I had spent the last few days working late on projects, so I was a bit snappy too. xP

Paper airplanes saved the day:
First, we decorated out papers, made airplanes (Corwin and Saffron made their own, with help), then took them out to see how far they flew.
Saffron was the score keeper.  Hula-hoop to keep track of the starting place.
Saffron insisted this was the best way to throw her plane.  I tried explaining it, but then what do I know? :P
The next day, Saffron and I graphed the results:
I made the farthest, at 23 feet, while Ozzy was in second place at 14 feet.  Saffron and Corwin only made it to 10 and 9 feet, respectively.
We talked about the different things we could tell from out graphs, and then she illustrated her's with our faces.

Home Depot Kids Workshop

Home Depot also does kids events like Lowe's, so we decided to hit it up.  It starts at an earlier time, but despite getting there almost an hour after the start (we were sleeping), they had plenty of kits left for us to do.  They have a better setup here than the local Lowe's with a dedicated area that included tables and a painting station.  This month, the project was a chalkboard door hanger, which was very simple, but totally up our kids' alley.  We made them with the kids, then headed home to paint them:
Except for Corwin, who insisted on using crayons.  They had a good time.

Yesterday, we had some fellow geeks over to start a new roleplaying game.  It's similar to MouseGuard, in that everyone's a mouse.  I'm playing a tailor looking to move into the big leagues.  She's managed to get herself invited on a trade caravan, which could give her a good financial and political boost.  I felt particularly nerdy while I asking questions about economics and societal expectations.  It was a good time, and is a hobby that I've missed dearly.  I'm looking forward to getting back to it in a couple of weeks.

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