Sunday, September 13, 2015

What-What?! Week of September 13th

This week, I set out to do three things.

I'm not done with one of them yet, and haven't even started the other two.

One of my favorite of Murphy's Laws of Combat is "No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy".  Probably one of the most applicable to everyday life, as well.

Anyway, what adventures have we had this week?

I found out that the odd little plant with red berries that's coming over the back fence (tagging along with the blackberry bushes) is a bittersweet nightshade.  It is poisonous.  This is bad.  So I (carefully) dispatched it.

There's another berry bush around on the side of the house that is a common snowberry.  It is also poisonous.  This is bad.  I am dispatching it today.

I suddenly feel the need to look up every other plant in our backyard now.

I also made a pizza.
The big kids decided to joust.  Surprisingly, no one was hurt.

Movie Review: Song of the Sea

This is a recent addition to Amazon Prime, and made by the same studio and director that did the Secret of Kells.  The story follows two somewhat-disagreeable siblings who free the fairy people and ultimately save the spirit world.  It is classic hand animation, and quite beautiful to look at -- like watching a children's book come alive.  I liked the story of this film much more than the Secret of Kells, simply because it felt way less depressing.  There's a lot of great mythology to it, and it felt like the story took place in a complete world; it wasn't just a little make-believe corner or something.  It all fit together believably.  The innocence of the main characters and how they get swept up into the adventure reminded me strongly of My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and other Miyazaki films.

The children and I all thoroughly enjoyed watching Song of the Sea, and would highly recommend it.

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