Sunday, September 27, 2015

What-What?! Week of September 27th

This week's post is going to be photos, 'cuz I just found a ton I haven't put up on my phone.

After reading the instructions in the Lego Jr magazine, they all demanded to be ninjas.  This necessitated taking off their shirts (except Saffron, who's shirt didn't work.  We had to get out a new one for her).  It took a surprisingly long time before the boys started hurting each other. :P

Then they decided to be pirates, with eye patches.
...And hooks for hands.
Saffron is wearing four different patterned pieces of clothing in this picture.  Kid likes to give OKGo a run for their money.
We did school.  Don't worry, my table is always this messy.

I made an apple pie, with fresh, local apples.  It is delicious.

And we had the puffiest clouds yesterday.

But the biggest news is that we moved Osric's bed to the kid's room.  This is the first night in FOUR years that the husband and I haven't had a kid's bed in our room.  This is the first step of getting him used to sleeping elsewhere.  Eventually, Saffron will get her own bed in the other bedroom, Corey will get the top bunk, and Oz will be in the bottom bunk.  And then it will be like we don't have babies anymore or something.

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