Sunday, October 18, 2015

What-What?! Week of October 18th

So, recently I've taken to not writing my blog post until Sunday morning, rather than a day in advance.  This is nice because it gives me more time on Saturday to do things, but not so great because I've been sleeping in until 10:30 or later on Sundays.  This week, I've really been dragging and needed the sleep.  I feel SO much better now.

Anyway, so this past week, we had friends over and made the last Lowe's Build and Grow project, which is a haunted bird house:
We haven't put them up outside yet, but we will.  Possibly on the back fence or something.

I also made "quicksand" with the kids (a mix of water and cornstarch, along with food coloring), which was a lot of fun, but extremely messy.
Mixing in the poor creatures who fell in.

Saffron opted to use all ponies.

The huge mess.
 Yesterday morning, the husband and I took the kids to the thrift store to shop for costume clothes and pajamas.  Had to buy PJs for the kids, since they've outgrown last year's.  Corwin actually cried earlier in the week, because he was so disappointed about the selection of pajamas in our house.  We also bought books, like we always do, including the Lego Star Wars visual dictionary, which is a pretty serious thing:

Oh, yeah, and we also have a massive mushroom in our backyard:

Okies, that's all for this week.  I'm gonna go grab breakfast, and by breakfast, I mean lunch. :P

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