Sunday, October 4, 2015

What-What?! Week of October 4th

And it's October!  I have Halloween stuff up already, though there will be lots more.  We have our own house and yard this year, so we're talking about doing some serious decorating, which the kids are up for, of course.  Later this month, it will be Saffron's eighth birthday, which is pretty frightening itself.  We also have a Lowe's Build and Grow event and a Girl Scout event planned, so there's lots to look forward to.

The Arlington Viking Fest

One of the tents at the event.  This one had books, chain mail, swords and shields out.
So, the excitement for this weekend was the Arlington Viking Fest.  We found out about it sort of late in the week, but actually canceled our prior plans so we could go (which was okay, because the people we had plans with also wanted to go!).

We watched a shield wall demonstration, a jewelers, spinners and weavers, wood carvers, all in Viking garb.  Saffron actually got to try her hand at weaving:
No, she didn't do all of that on the loom, but she did do a good five or so lines.
While we were watching her do that, the boys played with runes:

And the kids stuck their heads into holes:
Saffron's face might be too sweet for a Viking...
While her brother's heads might be a bit too small...

The kids now want to make our own wooden spoons, and Saffron wants to learn how to weave.  So I guess those are upcoming projects.

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