Sunday, November 1, 2015

What-What?! Week of November 1st

Tried to type October in the title of this post.  I am not ready for it to be November!

This week has been incredibly busy.

Saffron Turned Eight!

Saffron had her birthday party last Sunday afternoon, and just turned eight on Thursday.  Her party was a proper kid party, and we had an extra four kids in the house, bringing the total up to seven.  With that and parents, it was a tight squeeze!
Saffron's cake was chocolate with mocha frosting, and decorated with Fruity Pebbles for a rainbow look.  Saffron helped with the Fruity Pebbles.
She got lots of presents, including (a lot of) books, craft kits,  and Legos.
About ten minutes after everyone left, she had started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and had finished it by the next afternoon.  After that, she started on building her Lego sets.  She got two from the Lego Elves line, and has played with them intensely.  Like, she doesn't usually play with Legos for long periods of time, but she's spent hours with these.

Halloween 2015
Yay, everyone had a costume for Halloween!  It was close, as I was sewing armor circles onto Osric's jacket that morning. :P

As you can see, Corwin dressed as Darth Vader, Saffron as Hermione Granger, and Oz was Thor.  I made Saffron's skirt and scarf, as well as Osric's cape and jacket decoration.

We decided to try Trick or Treating at the mall this year, but we won't be doing that again.  It was just no fun -- stand in line and walk around in a big circle.  There was little that was exciting to do, so mostly it was drudgery.  After a bit, Oz started getting bored, so he and I did other things.  At one point, he climbed into a car ride, and while I was just going to let him sit there and play in it, when he pushed the start button, it started!
Then we looked through a toy store, and shortly after that, we left.  The kids were all tired and frustrated.  So, lesson learned.  No mall for Halloween for us.

Later, we went out Trick or Treating in our own neighborhood, which was a lot more fun.  There were a fair number of houses giving out candy, and a fair amount of kids out trick or treating, too.  After we were done, the big kids took turns handing out candy.  As the night wore on, it went from little kids, to big kids, to big kids not in costumes.  After the first set showed up without costumes, I decided we were probably done. :P

This weekend, we also have Peter's dad visiting us, which has been a lot of fun.  We haven't done a ton of exciting stuff, but just having him in the house has been quite enjoyable.

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