Sunday, November 22, 2015

What-What?! Week of November 22nd

We had another windstorm, and were without power again for a day and a half.  Didn't lose any food this time, which is nice, but there was some damage...
This is about fifteen feet of fence that was blown over.  Now it matches the 8 foot section that blew over on the opposite side.  The other side seems pretty easily fixable, but this side I'm not so sure.  The wood itself isn't totally jacked, but it needs new posts put in, and the existing ones are really in there.  We'd have to take apart a lot of it to get the old posts out, and at that point, it's worth exploring other ideas.
Our backyard tree lost five large branches, including this giant one.  Happily, none fell on the house, though one did hit the fence, but it was undamaged.  There are also about a million medium size branches strewn about, which I started cleaning up yesterday.

Peter had a friend from work come over with his truck, and they took the vast majority of the carpeting bits we ripped out of the house to the dump.  Now we have oodles of space in the garage.  I'm thinking we'll put some metal shelving up to hold canned goods, which will alleviate some of our space issues in the kitchen.  It's nice and cold out there, too, which'll help things keep.

Latest Project: Shadowrun Site

This is my most recent project, a website for the Shadowrun 2050 roleplaying game that the husband and I are currently playing.  Shadowrun is a cyberpunk world setting, and us players are a group of people doing less-than-legal 'runs' (jobs) to get money.  It still needs a lot of work in details, but the meat of it is done.  I have to completely redo the slider feature on the front page to make it work like I want, but I need to think about how I want to do that, and possibly look over other people's solutions.  Other things I need to do include updating the readme, and making an interface so it's easier to add information to the Updates, Runs, and Characters sections.

...And I need to start on other projects, too.

Next week is Thanksgiving, which means a four-day weekend, yeah!  We have yet to buy a turkey, because we simply have no space for it.  I made a joke about buying another freezer a month or so ago, and I keep trying to decide if I should take myself seriously.  Our freezers have been nothing less than packed for weeks, and I don't think that's going to change any time soon.  We just got a 40 pound order of chicken two weeks ago, and have another 40 pounds of beef ordered for next month as well.  No idea where we're going to put it.  But we won't run out of meat any time soon.

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