Thursday, December 31, 2015

Art Thursday -- December 31st

"Candyland Fantasy"
A Candyland-inspired fantasy setting.
I don't know if the fairy is wearing a headdress, or if she also has a unicorn horn...

Sunday, December 27, 2015

What-What?! Week of December 27th

Happy holidays everyone!

Our first Christmas in our own house!  Yeah! :D

I have a million pictures.

Playing MarioKart with the family.  Ozzy is actually gunning for the husband here.
Early on Christmas Eve, we had the barest breath of snow.  The kids woke us up yelling "It's snowing, it's snowing!".  They were quite disappointed when it stopped.  But not too disappointed -- we played board games and videogames, and had a pancake dinner.

We had about a million presents this year (and we especially appreciate that our families out of state sent us so much!).

So, I have no pictures of children unwrapping presents, because it just didn't happen.  Would have been blurry anyway. :P

The kids played with their newly-gotten Legos extensively, though:
Corey and Daddy building Minecraft Legos.

Osric taking a break from building in order to savagely rip the head off his skeleton guy.

Saffron building a bed and accessories for her Lego girls.

Saffron is already on chapter two of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows!  You can also see the hand-painted bookmark that my brother made for her... more pictures of that next week, since all the photos I have of it right now are rubbish.

I got Corwin a Minecraft shirt, because how could I not?
My sister got the husband a Dorkness Rising shirt.  Which is awesome.

And she got me a Kiki's Delivery Service shirt, featuring Jiji.  Looking at the Wikipedia page, I have just found out that it is based on a novel.  Might have to pick up one now...

And she also gave us a squirrel bathmat, which is adorable.  My mother actually specifically asked for a picture of this after I told her about it over the phone. :B

And my husband got me some My Little Pony books... which is so nerdy.  I will talk about these more in another blog post.

Not shown is all the cooking things my parents sent us.  The husband used the chef's knife to carve our Christmas roast, and it was like going through butter.  Nice to have a sharp knife.  They also gave us some Bobby Flay dishtowels, which have a really nice texture to them.

Christmas Dinner

And as I've just mentioned, we had FOOD!  I didn't take any pictures of it, because we just ate it.  I don't think any of it was really too photogenic, though, except for maybe the Yorkshire pudding straight out of the oven (all puffed up!).  We had a beef roast, Yorkshire pudding, mushroom gravy, and cranberry sauce that was too tart for mere mortals (Saffron and I still liked it).  It was all delicious, and a nice change of pace, considering we haven't had a proper beef roast in quite a while.

For dessert, I made chocolate pudding pie, peach pie, and maple pecan pie.  The chocolate pudding and peach pies were nothing particularly special, though good all the same.  Next time I make peach pie I'm going to do a crumble topping instead of a pastry top, because it'll add some variation in texture.

The maple pecan pie is one I haven't made before -- I don't make traditional pecan pie because the recipe always includes corn syrup, which I don't keep in the house and can't be bothered to buy just to use once or twice a year.  I followed the recipe exactly, and it came out looking like a pecan pie.  The very top of the pie formed something close to a pecan brittle, which gave a nice crunch to offset the maple custard.  Overall, the flavors were very good, though it could do with a bit of help -- the recipe is a bit soupy.  The maple syrup/brown sugar combination actually soaked into the pie crust, which fused it to the pie plate.  We haven't been able to pull even one nice looking piece out of the pan.  I think maybe even just a tablespoon or two of extra cornstarch or flour would fix the problem.  Other than that, I was very pleased.  This is one that I will definitely make again!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Art Thursday -- December 24th


"Snow Scene"
Saffron (top), Osric (middle), and I (bottom) made snow scenes.
Happy Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

What-What?! Week of December 20th

This week was totally crazy -- recovering from Corey's birthday, getting ready for Christmas, still working and everything.

Corwin's 6th Birthday
We had Corwin's Minecraft birthday party last Sunday.  Unfortunately, because of scheduling issues, we only had one other family there.  Still, the kids had a really good time.

Corwin's cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream.  It was a gluten-free cake mix so his friends could eat it, and it was okay.  The texture was dense, but the flavor was spot-on.

It took him a couple tries to blow out the candles, but he a had good time doing it. :)

The night before, the kids and I made up some Minecraft decorations.  That's an enderman, creeper, enderdragon, pig, and zombie.

He got a lot of presents.  I basically wrapped this at the last possible second, a mistake I am not making with Christmas presents.

It was neigh-impossible to get good pictures of Corwin unwrapping presents.  Very nearly all of them are blurry from him jumping around -- he was so excited!  Most of his gifts were Legos, which suits him just fine, but the one above is a working model of an engine.  I think they're going to work on it while Peter is home over Christmas.

We got a Christmas tree!  Picked it up from a local place on Tuesday.  It is in front of our movies, so we have to really want to watch one of them.  But it was the only reasonable space we had, so whatevs. :P

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas.  Peter is taking most the week off, so it'll the five of us here, hanging out together. :3

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Art Thursday -- December 17th

"Susan & Mina: Lazy Sunday Book"
Saffron was inspired by the Calvin and Hobbes comics to make her own comic about a little girl named Susan, and her stuffed rabbit, Mina.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What-What?! Week of December 13th

Today we're celebrating Corwin's birthday!  He's having a Minecraft themed party, and is way excited.  I still have tons to do before guests arrive, like decorating the house and cake.
I had stacked up all his presents last night before I went to bed, so when he got up this morning, he could see them all.  He's just finished shaking all of them.  Most of them rattle like Legos. >.>

I wanted to show everyone Saffron's new shirt.  It says "sparkle glitter dazzle shine", and totally reminds me of Rarity.  It fits her personality perfectly.

Osric made this robot a few days ago.  He begged me to add a face to it, so we did two; a nice face on this side, and an angry one on the other.  Then his head spins around just like Bad Cop/Good Cop from the Lego Movie:

Anyway.  Next week I'll have lots of pictures of Corwin's party!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Art Thursday -- December 10th

"Nina, the Hunter"
Saffron has been on a character-building kick, so here's another one.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

What-What?! Week of December 6th

I am totally not ready for it to be December already.  I've bought a lot of Christmas presents already, so at least there's that.  The husband picked up some Christmas lights, which we're going to put up on the house, since we have a house to put them up on now. :)

We're going to have Corey's birthday party next Sunday, which will have a Minecraft theme.  I've worked out the cake with Corey, but I still need to figure out the rest of the decorations.  I have a feeling that I'll be cutting a lot of paper squares out...

Rabbit Tooth Pillow

Last week, I made Saffron a tooth fairy pillow:
It needs a face still, and its ears are floppy, but otherwise, it came out quite well.  Saffron has one tooth that is extremely loose, but is still hanging on.  I told her that she could wiggle it to get it out sooner, and she told me that she would absolutely not do that.  So eventually it'll come out, and she has a tooth pillow when that happens.

This last week, I needed to do something pointless and fun, because I was disgusted with all my other projects.  I made Twilight Sparkle, reading a book.  There's no real programming involved in making it, but there are some more difficult style sheet magicks going on.

That's it for this week.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Art Thursday -- December 3rd

"Rosetta, the Mouse Fighter"
One of the roleplaying games that Peter and I are currently playing in is set in a world similar to MouseGuard, so we're all mice.  This is Saffron's character sheet and character she came up with.  She rides a rabbit named Snowflake.