Sunday, December 13, 2015

What-What?! Week of December 13th

Today we're celebrating Corwin's birthday!  He's having a Minecraft themed party, and is way excited.  I still have tons to do before guests arrive, like decorating the house and cake.
I had stacked up all his presents last night before I went to bed, so when he got up this morning, he could see them all.  He's just finished shaking all of them.  Most of them rattle like Legos. >.>

I wanted to show everyone Saffron's new shirt.  It says "sparkle glitter dazzle shine", and totally reminds me of Rarity.  It fits her personality perfectly.

Osric made this robot a few days ago.  He begged me to add a face to it, so we did two; a nice face on this side, and an angry one on the other.  Then his head spins around just like Bad Cop/Good Cop from the Lego Movie:

Anyway.  Next week I'll have lots of pictures of Corwin's party!

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