Sunday, December 20, 2015

What-What?! Week of December 20th

This week was totally crazy -- recovering from Corey's birthday, getting ready for Christmas, still working and everything.

Corwin's 6th Birthday
We had Corwin's Minecraft birthday party last Sunday.  Unfortunately, because of scheduling issues, we only had one other family there.  Still, the kids had a really good time.

Corwin's cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream.  It was a gluten-free cake mix so his friends could eat it, and it was okay.  The texture was dense, but the flavor was spot-on.

It took him a couple tries to blow out the candles, but he a had good time doing it. :)

The night before, the kids and I made up some Minecraft decorations.  That's an enderman, creeper, enderdragon, pig, and zombie.

He got a lot of presents.  I basically wrapped this at the last possible second, a mistake I am not making with Christmas presents.

It was neigh-impossible to get good pictures of Corwin unwrapping presents.  Very nearly all of them are blurry from him jumping around -- he was so excited!  Most of his gifts were Legos, which suits him just fine, but the one above is a working model of an engine.  I think they're going to work on it while Peter is home over Christmas.

We got a Christmas tree!  Picked it up from a local place on Tuesday.  It is in front of our movies, so we have to really want to watch one of them.  But it was the only reasonable space we had, so whatevs. :P

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas.  Peter is taking most the week off, so it'll the five of us here, hanging out together. :3

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