Sunday, January 24, 2016

What-What?! Week of January 24th

So this is really late, because I actually slept today.  I haven't had an overabundance of sleep this past week, and finally getting some is quite nice.

Other updates;  we're on week two of Osric not using pull-ups, so it's strongly looking like I won't be buying any more.  Crazyness.

Sylvia Ballet, music by Delibes, Choreography by Ashton

Friday, I decided to watch a ballet with Saffron.  I chose this one because I've heard parts of the music before, and absolutely adored it.  The ballet follows the story of Sylvia, a wood nymph who has forsworn love, and who falls in love with a shepherd after being cursed by Eros, god of love.  Then stuff happens, as you would expect.

The story itself is not the strongest; there are certainly ballets out there that have more complex, interesting stories.  However, the choreography and music hold it together well.  In fact, Tchaikovsky himself had remarked about how much better the score was for this ballet than for his own, Swan Lake.  The theme (leitmotif, in formal terms) for the wood nymphs is among my favorite pieces of classical music ever.  You can hear it in the first act, after the prelude.

The linked version above does have commentary and captions, which is a bit annoying, but not overly so.  I linked to this version, because the only other full version I could find on YouTube was kind of bizarre in terms of costuming and style.  A bit too avant-garde for me.  It is almost two hours, though, but it can divided into the three acts if you don't have that much time all at once.

That's it for today; more stuff next week.

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