Sunday, January 31, 2016

What-What?! Week of January 31st

We did a buncha stuff this week!

Osric has is suddenly very interested in letters; he's been making them out of Legos, drawing them on the magna doodle, and pointing them out at the grocery store.  So that's cool.  It's odd sometimes how interests like that can just spring up from nothing.

Portage Creek Wildlife Area

Walking single-file to stay out of the mud.
Yesterday, we visited the Portage Creek Wildlife Area in Arlington.  It's a large wetland area, home to lots of birds and small mammals.  This time of year, it's pretty desolate; the tall grass is all dead, the many deciduous trees (mostly birch) have no leaves, and it's extremely muddy in places.
This place also happens to be near the airport.  We saw this plane go round several times while we were there.
We didn't see much wildlife, but what we did see was birds; some ducks, and a couple of songbirds.  The kids went back and forth between being excited to be there, and whining about going home.

Corwin was really excited about this fallen tree.
Later in the day, I asked the kids what their favorite part was.
Osric:  Using binoculars
Corwin: Seeing the birds
Saffron: Walking out to the pond
Overall, it was a good time.  The husband and I have decided that we would like to get back into hiking and those sorts of activities again, and this was a good start.

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions

My parents gave this book to the kids a few weeks ago, but we are just now getting it out.  Corwin and I sat down and started building, first making the Quintopple.  This one was pretty simple, and Corey only needed a bit of help.  He had a great time, and both he and his siblings are looking forward to making more.

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