Sunday, February 28, 2016

What-What?! Week of February 28th

This week, nothing interesting happened.  I went to work, the husband didn't, children were taken care of, and that's about it.  I did find one possibly large problem while testing software, and another one has possibly appeared over the weekend ('cuz I told the system to do something over the weekend, and it didn't).

Later today, I'm taking the kids to a friend's house to put together the Lowe's Build and Grow kits for this month.  So there will be pictures of that next weekend.  And I dunno what else.  Might go hiking again next weekend.

And that basically concludes this week.  There will be more next week, for sure.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

What-What?! Week of February 21st

This week was okay.  I'm tired of sitting in traffic.  There are now a selection of cars that I recognize, 'cause we all sit in traffic together. xP  Otherwise, I am now doing actual stuff at work.  So that's nice.

Hiking:  Spencer Island

I believe that the big mountain in the center is Mount Pilchuck.
Yesterday, we went hiking at Spencer Island.  It was a bit cold, but sunny enough that I got a bit sunburned.  Spencer Island is part of the larger Snohomish estuary, and so there's lot of water.  We didn't see nearly as much wildlife as the last hike we did at the Skagit Wildlife Area, but it was pretty lovely anyway.
The island used to be used for agriculture, but has now been overtaken with water.  There's little bits poking out here and there, reminders of times gone by.
I think the kids mostly enjoyed seeing other hiker's dogs more than anything else, but I did very much enjoy seeing the water, and what birds there were.
We were walking along, and suddenly, there was all this moss!
I don't know that this is a hike we'll do again, as it was a long walk from the parking area just to get to the island, and the kids were ready for a rest right then and there.
"Take my picture, mom!"
We took the north trail, which leads along the Union Slough.  It goes nearly all the way to the tip of the island, and was quite the walk.
Lookin' at stuff.
We can't go anywhere without snacks.
This bridge was built in 1914 to connect Ebey Island to the mainland.  It was removed from Ebey Island and eventually wound up here.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Art Thursday -- February 18th

"Calvin's New Home"
Calvin and Hobbes' new home.  Calvin and his mom are enjoying the afternoon sunlight (lower right), but unfortunately Calvin's dad is sick in bed (upper right).  Hobbes is watching TV in the lower left.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

What-What?! Week of February 14th

Happy Valentine's everyone!  Hope you get to spend time with the ones you love. <3

So this week has been very exciting.  We went hiking on Tuesday, and then I started my new job on Wednesday.  I haven't had to get up early in the morning in well over a year, and it's going to take some time to get used to that.  Unfortunately, the office tends to run early, so I'm one of the few there when I leave.  I might slowly switch over to an earlier schedule, but for now the schedule I have is as good as I can do.

Yes, there are programming books holding open the blinds.  They were like that when I got there.
But I do get my own office!  For now, anyway.  My boss is looking to hire another developer, and I'll probably have to share.  There is plenty of space in there, though.  There's another full-sized desk on the left.

Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet week at work.  I'm learning how to use the software, which is pretty complicated.  It's going to take a good while to really learn it.  I'm being paid to, though, so that's fine. :P

Hiking: Skagit Wildlife Area

There are lots of ducks and a blue heron in this picture.  Not that you can see them.
This is a different hike from last time, and a lot nicer one, too.  The trails were a bit muddy, but not overly so like the last place we went to.  There was tons of wildlife to look at; a blue heron, snow geese, bald eagles (in their nests), lots of mallard ducks, sandpipers, a loon, and I saw an otter.  The sun was shining, and overall it was lovely.
There's an eagle in one of these trees.  Not that you can see it, but it's there.
Unfortunately, our phone cameras were too crappy to really see much of anything in the pictures we took.

Snow geese in the distance.
Snack time!

Mount Baker, covered in snow.
This is a hike that we'd do again, for sure.  It was easy to get to, a pretty short drive, the trails were in good condition, and there was plenty to look at.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Art Thursday -- February 11th

"A Girl in the Forest"
A girl going for a walk.  She is communing with the animals, including a raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, and a bird in a nest.
(The quality of this pic is terrible; I had to take it late at night and my lighting was not good.  Will do better next week.)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What-What?! Week of February 7th

So the past couple of weeks have been exciting.  The husband's last day at his job was Friday, and I'll be starting my new job on Wednesday.  With us parents switching roles, things will be very exciting, at least for a while.

So, uh... I dunno if I'll be posting next week or not.  Might just be a short blurb, because I don't know if I'll have the time or energy to do anything other than go to work and commute.  My expectations at this point are pretty low. :P

TV Shows:  Mad Style

No one cares about Mad Men anymore, because they've all seen it already.  Except I haven't, because I don't want to watch anything that depressing right now (I assume everyone dies at the end, like a Greek tragedy.  So I keep watching Top Gear instead).

But the fashion is fricken' awesome.  I love it.  I love each character's fashions, how they change through the seasons while maintaining their own individual styles, the silly hats, the dainty gloves, the three-piece suits, all of it.

So when I found this series of articles that looks at each character's fashions, I was quite excited.  There are a million of them (five pages worth!), so I have yet to read them all.  But believe me, I will.  Right now, my favorites are the articles on Trudy Campbell, as she's a character who I don't always like, but I feel like I understand her more than other characters.

Cooking: Roasted Garlic

I had been wanting to try this out for forever, and just never got around to it until recently.  Roasted garlic is the simplest recipe, but so transformational.  Roasting removes any hint of bitterness and brings out a lovely nutty flavor in the garlic.  I've used my roasted garlic to make garlic bread, and it was to die for.  I look forward to making it again, possibly doing several at a time and freezing them for convenience.

  • Head(s) of garlic
  • Oil -- olive, vegetable, peanut, whatever you have.
  • Aluminum foil
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Cut off the top of the garlic, maybe an inch or so down -- you want to expose the tops of each clove.  Don't worry about the paper or how you're going to get the cloves out.  Place the garlic on a sheet of foil that's large enough to wrap the whole thing.   Drizzle the garlic with oil, then wrap it up.  Bake for about 45minutes to an hour, then let cool.  To get the cloves out, simply squeeze from the bottom of the garlic, and they will pop out.  Use however you would regular garlic.

I like to make mine while I have something else going in the oven, because that's efficient.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Art Thursday -- February 4th

"Equestria Girls Go Camping"
With Rainbow Dash in the lead and Pinkie Pie flying through the air, the Equestria girls are going camping!