Sunday, February 21, 2016

What-What?! Week of February 21st

This week was okay.  I'm tired of sitting in traffic.  There are now a selection of cars that I recognize, 'cause we all sit in traffic together. xP  Otherwise, I am now doing actual stuff at work.  So that's nice.

Hiking:  Spencer Island

I believe that the big mountain in the center is Mount Pilchuck.
Yesterday, we went hiking at Spencer Island.  It was a bit cold, but sunny enough that I got a bit sunburned.  Spencer Island is part of the larger Snohomish estuary, and so there's lot of water.  We didn't see nearly as much wildlife as the last hike we did at the Skagit Wildlife Area, but it was pretty lovely anyway.
The island used to be used for agriculture, but has now been overtaken with water.  There's little bits poking out here and there, reminders of times gone by.
I think the kids mostly enjoyed seeing other hiker's dogs more than anything else, but I did very much enjoy seeing the water, and what birds there were.
We were walking along, and suddenly, there was all this moss!
I don't know that this is a hike we'll do again, as it was a long walk from the parking area just to get to the island, and the kids were ready for a rest right then and there.
"Take my picture, mom!"
We took the north trail, which leads along the Union Slough.  It goes nearly all the way to the tip of the island, and was quite the walk.
Lookin' at stuff.
We can't go anywhere without snacks.
This bridge was built in 1914 to connect Ebey Island to the mainland.  It was removed from Ebey Island and eventually wound up here.

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