Sunday, March 27, 2016

What-What?! Week of March 27th

Happy Easter everyone!

We're having a good Easter so far.  The kids were up early this morning, then we spent half an hour (?) searching for eggs in the house.  It's a good thing there were no eggs outside, because it is raining cats and dogs out there.

Yesterday, we decorated eggs.  For this, set up a table outside because it was lovely, and just better.  The kids had a great time:

And because the weather was so lovely yesterday, I made the husband open one of his birthday presents early:
Yes, a football.  I thought it would be good fun with the kids, especially since we have the big backyard now.  So then we played with it:
The throw!
The catch!
Teaching the kids how to throw a football.
And they threw it!
Unfortunately, I didn't take into account how large a standard size football is, so it's absolutely huge in the kids' hands, and kinda big in mine as well.  Either way, I'm glad we got it out and were able to play with it.  Later today we're going to celebrate the husband's birthday and do general family stuff.

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